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Where was Together filmed? Location guide for BBC Two lockdown drama

Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy shot the one-off lockdown film over the course of 10 days.

Published: Wednesday, 16th June 2021 at 2:35 pm

BBC Two's one-off film Together, starring James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan, is set during lockdown and takes place inside a suburban home.


The entire hour and a half film is set at a single location: the home of "She" (Horgan) and "He" (McAvoy), an unmarried couple who actively hate each other and have only stayed together for the sake of their "curious, curious" young son, Artie (played by newcomer Samuel Logan in the cast of Together).

Like the two main characters, the location is never named, as the show's creative team wanted it to feel like a house that could be anywhere in the UK.

But where was Together filmed in real-life, and was it all shot in one single location?

Where was Together filmed?

Together was filmed in a single house in Kensal Rise, north-west London, over the course of 10 days in May. The film's action takes place over a year, from the beginning of the first lockdown, in March 2020, up until March 2021.

The one-off film is comprised of seven scenes, each taking place at a different point in the lockdown and in the central couple's relationship.

Speaking about Together, Sharon Horgan revealed that she and co-star McAvoy rehearsed at the Kensal Rise location prior to the start of filming.

"From the first day we started working but it [the choreography] just became this mad dance. Then the issue was remembering that dance because I realised that no one was recording it in rehearsal. By the second week of rehearsals we were at the location where we ended up filming for 10 days and then it just ended up seeping into the skin," she said.

Together BBC

She continued: "The film takes place across a year from the beginning of the first lockdown. There’s quite a big jump in the middle where James and I both had to have hair extensions because we were trying to work out how you show the time passing. For a lot of people it was all about their hair with people ending up with these nutty hair dos. I got these luxurious locks, it was sort of embarrassing and James got a man bun which he properly rocked."

Horgan, whose credits include Catastrophe and This Way Up, referred to the ten-day shooting process as "a beautifully stressful experience," in addition to her "joy" at working with McAvoy (His Dark Materials).

"Working with Dennis [Kelly] again - and Stephen Daldry and James McAvoy, both of whom I’ve admired for years, was a joy. But it also felt like we were making something important. And the fact that it feels like news means that the Covid death toll, the tragedy of so many lives lost unnecessarily, has not been talked about enough," she said.


Together will air on Thursday 17th June on BBC Two. While you’re waiting, take a look at our other Drama coverage, or find out what else is on with our TV guide.


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