What happens when an introverted British detective teams up with a flamboyant German to solve crimes?


That's the relationship at the heart of Trust Me writer Dan Sefton's ten-part crime drama The Mallorca Files, set in amongst the privileged and international ex-pat community of the eponymous Spanish island.

Here's everything you need to know about the drama...

What time is The Mallorca Files on TV?

The Mallorca Files is on BBC1 on weekdays at 2:15pm starting on Monday 25th November. The initial ten-part series runs for two weeks.

Now the first episode has aired, The Mallorca Files is also available in its entirety on BBC iPlayer.

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Each episode is 45 minutes long.

The Mallorca Files

What is The Mallorca Files about?

British police detective Miranda Blake and German investigator Max Winter are polar opposites, both at work and at home. While Max wears his heart on his sleeve, Miranda takes everything in life very seriously. Together, they form a mismatched crime-solving partnership that somehow, despite — or because of — their respective differences, works.

"It's a really fun show, I hope," creator Dan Sefton told RadioTimes.com. "BBC Daytime have commissioned it, and it's going to have a run like Shakespeare and Hathaway. But I think it's also going out German primetime and French primetime, because that's our deal.

"So, I think it's one of those ones, like with Shakespeare and Hathaway – what's been a big hit for them is people have picked it up on their iPlayer and the word of mouth spread. So, we're very much saying, yes, we're loving our daytime transmission but also it's not —I think people could be really surprised how lush it looks, how expensive it looks. Because it's not done to budget. We've got a great new cast as well."

Where is The Mallorca Files filmed?

The series is "all shot on location in Palma, around Mallorca," according to Sefton, and features an international cast.

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"We've been casting with lots of actors from Spain and Germany because it's an international island, so we've cast lots of international stories," Sefton told us.

Who stars in The Mallorca Files?

Julian Looman and Elen Rhys star in The Mallorca Files (Getty Images)

Elen Rhys (Keeping Faith, Broadchurch) plays introverted Brit DC Miranda Blake, while Julian Looman (Pagan Peak, Prey) stars as her extroverted German colleague, Max Winter.

Joining the pair are Tanya Moodie (Discovery of Witches, Sherlock) who plays Miranda’s London boss Abbey Parker, while Maria Fernández-Ache (Holby City) plays Ines Villegas, the Palma Police Chief who (reluctantly) oversees the Anglo-German partnership between Max and Miranda.

Aidan McArdle (Sense8, Humans) also stars as Niall Taylor, a former gang member turned informant working under Miranda.


Also joining the cast are Tabata Cerezo (The Night Manager), who plays Max's free-spirited girlfriend, Carmen, and German actor Denis Schmidt (Dark), who plays his bad-boy best friend.

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