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Humans fans react to devastating series three finale

Warning: this article contains major spoilers

Published: Friday, 13th July 2018 at 10:18 am

Humans series three came to a devastating end on Thursday night – brutally killing off one of its major characters and delivering a game-changing revelation.


*** Warning: major spoilers ahead ***

Gemma Chan’s character Mia effectively sacrificed herself in the name of peace in the series finale, and was beaten to death by humans live on television within the show. Fans were heartbroken by her departure…

In more uplifting news, we discovered that Mattie (Lucy Carless) is pregnant with a human/Synth hybrid baby after Niska (Emily Berrington) incarnates into a god-like being and tells her that her child will alter the course of history.

"Your baby will be the first of a new kind,” says Niska. “She is hope. She is everything we've been fighting for. She is the future of all of us."

Humans fans are delighted by this revelation and already hankering for series four…

Channel 4 is yet to announce whether there will be a fourth series of Humans, but Gemma Chan has a string of film roles coming up, including starring as an alien in the new Captain Marvel movie.


This article was originally published on 6 July 2018

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