Avengers: Infinity War is still in cinemas but fans are already looking forward to what’s next, particularly the debut of Brie Larson’s new hero Captain Marvel after her character was hinted at during Infinity War.


At the moment, details about the 90s-set adventure are fairly scarce– but Radio Times recently got the chance to catch up with Humans actor Gemma Chan (who was recently cast as alien character Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel) just a few days before she started filming, and she was more than happy to give us a few hints about what was coming.

“I’m a bit nervous!” Chan told us.

“There's lots of action, and I've been doing a little bit of training, but not as much as Brie. Yeah, she's been really going for it.

“We've been messaging. Actually we've met - I went out to LA for the readthrough quite recently.”

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While Chan said she couldn’t give us more details about her character for fear of Marvel’s wrath – “They’d kill me!” – she said she’d be watching Infinity War, and its Captain Marvel teaser, with some interest.

“I will, yeah,” Chan said. “Because our film is set in the 90s, so it's kind of pre-this phase of the MCU. I don't really know quite how well it'll fit in.”

Interestingly, Chan isn’t the only cast member from Channel 4’s Humans to be talent-spotted for the MCU, with series two’s Letitia Wright wowing audiences in Black Panther and Infinity War this year, series one’s William Hurt turning up in Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War (reprising a role he created pre-Humans) and even Carrie-Ann Moss, who had a key role in Human series two herself, popping up in various Marvel Netflix series.

“I don't know - maybe the producers watch Humans!” Chan laughed.

“I mean, I'm not complaining...”

For now, viewers can watch Chan continue to bring synthetic being Mia to life in the new series of Humans – and from the sounds of it, her character is in for some serious action scenes herself…

“I think from episode three she really goes off on her own, and on her own kind of arc,” Chan told us.

“She puts herself in quite a lot of danger, really. I think that's really as a result of how she feels part of the responsibility, and the guilt she feels about everything that's happened at the end of series two and the beginning of this series.

“She tries to find her own way of asserting the synth cause. It gets quite difficult for her actually, really quite difficult.”

Oh well – if she gets in too much trouble, she can always give Captain Marvel a page for help.


Humans airs on Channel 4 on Thursdays, and Captain Marvel is released in February 2019