Today is an emotional day for Sense8 fans.


Friday 8th June sees the release of a two-hour special episode that many thought would never happen, a chance to say a proper goodbye to the global Netflix hit after it was cancelled in 2017.

But while many viewers are grateful for the new episode, there is also a sadness at knowing that this will – probably – be the last ever episode of Sense8.

A huge fan backlash to the original decision to cancel forced Netflix to offer this reprieve, giving the cast and crew one last opportunity to 'gather the cluster'.

Netflix exec Cindy Holland had earlier this year promised a "fantastic, fitting conclusion" to the series – so what do early viewers think of the episode?

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Due to the global nature of the show, many fan groups and users have urged those who have seen it not to spoil the show for people in other time zones – and we'll obviously remain spoiler-free too below.

But the first reactions for final episode 'Amor Vincit Omnia' (Love Conquers All) have been filtering through – and, unsurprisingly, they're full of love.

One fan called it "thrillingly beautiful (and one of the best action movies I've ever seen".

"That's how you do a series finale," another said. "Yes my heart is broken but in the best possible way."

While the day was tinged with heartbreak, in the main viewers were simply thankful to the cast and crew for making it happen one last time.

One user put it sweetly when they wrote simply, "My two hours of happiness."

But is this really the end of the story?

"I don't care how but there NEEDS to be another season of this show," a fan said. Season three is unlikely given that Sense8 has already had one reprieve, but perhaps the story could live on in another form?

Although perhaps now the cast and creators Lilly and Lana Wachowski have been able to provide closure, Sense8's "journey" should end here.

One thing's for sure – when a final episode contains this message, you know the connection is special.


The whole of Sense8 is available to watch on Netflix now