BBC1's medical conspiracy thriller Trust Me has returned for a second season, but – instead of following Jodie Whittaker's fake doctor Cath Hardacre – we get an entirely new premise and cast, including John Hannah (Four Weddings and a Funeral) and Harry Potter's Alfred Enoch.


Here's everything you need to know about the new four-part series.

When is Trust Me series two on TV?

Trust Me will air in four parts on Tuesdays, starting on Tuesday 16th April at 9pm on BBC1.

What's Trust Me series two about?

Corporal Jamie McCain is a soldier who was injured and left temporarily paralysed on active duty, and who is now recovering in a Glasgow hospital.

As patients begin to die around him, McCain decides to investigate, but he's hampered by his injury — and following his accident, how can he tell what's real and what isn't?

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Asked about the second series' premise, writer Dan Sefton said: "I just thought it was really interesting idea to have someone who was previously really strong and fit and sort of physically defined themselves to become completely kind of broken and unable to do anything.

"And then the idea of them trying to, you know, investigate — getting a zest for life back, or a reason to live back, just because they have to do something to stop somebody else being killed."

John Hannah plays Archie Watson

Sefton also revealed that as part of his research for the series, he spoke to people who had previously suffered injuries similar to Jamie's. "One guy said he had to stare out of the same window for two months," Sefton said. "He couldn't really see anything else, apart from his view. It's not as much now, but everyone just had to lie flat. That was the treatment, for at least two months while the bones healed properly so he could start to do his rehabilitation.

"So he was just looking out this window. I thought, 'Wow. That must drive you mad'."

The story is quite distinct from the previous season, which saw Whittaker play a nurse who steals her best friend's identity as a doctor and creates a new life for herself.

Who stars in Trust Me series two?

Alfred Enoch, best known for his role as Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter film franchise and as Wes Gibbins in How To Get Away With Murder, plays Corporal Jamie McCain, while John Hannah (The Victim, Four Weddings and a Funeral) plays clinical lead Archie Watson, one of Jamie's (more sinister) doctors.

Ashley Jensen (Catastrophe, Extras) plays physiotherapist Debbie, while Richard Rankin (Outlander) stars as as neurologist Dr Alex Kiernan.

Is Jodie Whittaker in the cast of Trust Me series two?

Jodie Whittaker in Trust Me

No, the second series of Trust Me sees a total revamp of the series one line-up which also included Emun Elliott, Sharon Small and Blake Harrison.

Nowadays, Jodie Whittaker is working series 12 of Doctor Who, filming everywhere from Sheffield to South Africa.

Is there a Trust Me series two trailer?

Yes, and it's pretty scary.

Will there be a Trust Me series three?

In an interview with, Sefton revealed that he was "just at the stage of working out what we're gonna suggest" for Trust Me series three. However, whatever premise Sefton decides on, it's unlikely to resemble either of the previous two series, or include their respective casts.

"We want to have the freedom if we get to do another one, to go somewhere completely different, and just have the same kind of idea. Tense, anything to do with the medical profession. That's the ground of it — and also what's really great is having the freedom to cast a new ensemble every time," Sefton added.


"If you can say, you know it's a four episode thing and then move on, you're more likely to get great people go yeah, OK, I can find time to do that."