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BBC drama Trust Me has replaced Jodie Whittaker with LOTS of deliberate Doctor Who references

BBC1's medical thriller will pay homage to its former lead Jodie Whittaker

Published: Tuesday, 7th May 2019 at 6:24 pm

Since starring as an imposter medic in BBC1's thriller Trust Me, Jodie Whittaker has been busy playing a rather different type of doctor — one who favours sonic screwdrivers over stethoscopes...


And although the series has since regenerated (see what we did there), featuring an all new cast and premise for the upcoming second series, the new season will include plenty of nods to the show's origins — and its former lead actor's new role as the Doctor.

In series two, Corporal Jamie McCain (played by Harry Potter's Alfred Enoch) is injured in combat and taken to a Glasgow hospital, where he meets eccentric patient Danny Adams (played by Elliot Cooper) who has a shrine to Doctor Who above his hospital bed, and often references the show in chats with his favourite nurse.

Series creator Dan Sefton revealed that the Doctor Who references were "playful nods" to the show's former star Whittaker, who was announced as the Thirteenth Doctor in July 2017.

"We knew when we were creating it that obviously Jodie had moved on to that role and to do something different," Sefton said, "so it sort of just came to me in a flash, and I thought, well, it's kind of fun – it fit with the character [of Danny] – so we have a bit of a nod and a wink to the history of Trust Me."

In an interview with, Sefton also revealed that the Doctor Who references will even become "part of the plot" when Jamie tries to crack a password later in the series.

Asked about his decision to incorporate Whittaker's new role, Sefton said: "It was kind of deliberate. I was kind of like, this is going to wind a couple of people up. But the little Doctor Who nods do continue a little bit longer, so it becomes part of the plot... it's how he unlocks the iPad and stuff like that. It's more than just a nod."

On the Doctor Who fandom's reaction to Whittaker in Trust Me, Sefton added: "It was interesting, you know, seeing on social media the mixed reactions. Like when the show actually launched, some people were like, 'oh great', some people were like, 'not my Doctor!' Which is ridiculous."


Trust Me starts on Tuesday 16th April on BBC1 at 9pm


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