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Meet the cast of BBC1 thriller Trust Me

The doctor will see you now – but who exactly will it be?

Published: Friday, 5th January 2018 at 2:37 pm

New BBC1 psychological thriller Trust Me contains all the usual elements of a hospital drama – tense life-or-death moments, gory shots of injuries, romances between the doctors – but with one key difference: the A&E consultant protagonist isn't a real doctor. As a result, the usual drama of a hospital is injected with an electrifying extra shot of fear: what will happen when those healing hands aren't backed up by 6 years of medical training?


Exploring the blind faith we put in professionals, the problems facing the NHS and how far an individual will go to prove themselves, Trust Me features a stellar cast. Written by Dan Sefton, a (real) doctor, the show has cherry-picked its stars from The Inbetweeners, The Paradise and Broadchurch, to name just a few. But who's who and where do you know them from?

Jodie Whittaker as Cath Hardacre


Who does she play? A compassionate and hard-working nurse who is suspended when she tries to call out neglect in her hospital. At the leaving party of her friend, A&E doctor Alison, she spots a pile of her official documents in the bin and formulates a plan that she hopes will see her finally getting the credit she deserves. Moving to Edinburgh with her young daughter, she starts a new life as a consultant...but how long can she keep up the pretence?

A lesson against neglecting and ignoring our most valuable medical professionals, Cath lets her ego and frustration overtake the kindness and common sense that made her good at her job. Writer Sefton calls her a "decent, honourable woman who, when everything is falling apart, takes a huge risk in search of a better life. A life that she will fiercely protect."

Where have I seen her before? Whittaker's career started in the theatre, where she starred in The Storm at Shakespeare's Globe in her professional debut, and stood in for Carey Mulligan in The Royal Court's production of The Seagull. She starred in cult film Attack The Block, and played Beth Latimer in Broadchurch. Oh, and she's just been cast as the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who!

Blake Harrison as Karl


Who does he play? Cath's ex and father of her daughter, Molly. Well-meaning but a tad useless, Karl has sorted his addiction problems and is keen to be a good father to Molly – it's just a shame he can't scrape together the cash to even take her to the cinema, and is having to rely on handouts from Cath. He's devastated by the fact his daughter will be miles away in Scotland, though he doesn't know the extent of Cath's impulsiveness; he thinks that she is taking a better-paid job as a cardiology nurse.

Where have I seen him before? Harrison is best known for playing loveable dimwit Neil Sutherland in The Inbetweeners. Since then he has starred in more comedy including Him & Her and White Van Man, as well as making forays into drama, appearing in Prime Suspect 73 and Houdini & Doyle.

Emun Elliott as Andrew Brenner


Who does he play? A doctor at Cath/Alison's new Edinburgh hospital, Andrew's easy banter with his colleagues belies how committed he is to his job. Using grim humour and sarcasm to deal with the difficulties of working in a busy A&E department – "Welcome to Hell" is his wry greeting to Cath on her first Friday night shift – Andrew is an assured presence on the ward.

Assigned to look after "Alison's" pastoral needs, he soon finds himself doing much more than that, embarking on a passionate fling with his new colleague. As his feelings for her grow stronger, it's unclear how far this relationship can go when, unbeknownst to Andrew, it's based on cataclysmic lies.


Where have I seen him before? Most recently, he played creepy businessman Alistair McDermid on BBC3's hit drama Clique, which later aired on BBC1. He also played John Moray, owner of The Paradise department store in the eponymous BBC period drama. The Scottish actor also appeared in four episodes of Game of Thones way back in the first series, where he played a singer in the Seventh Kingdom.


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