Sexy Beast, a prequel to the 2000 gangster classic of the same name, has landed on Paramount Plus, and it boasts an epic cast.


The eight-part series, which is set approximately a decade earlier, follows Gal Dove and Don Logan – characters portrayed by Ray Winstone and Sir Ben Kingsley in the original – as small-town thieves in 1990s east London.

The duo are soon given the opportunity to take their fledgling criminal enterprise to a whole new level by going into business with gangster Teddy Bass (Stephen Moyer).

James McArdle (Mare of Easttown) takes on the role of Gal, while Emun Elliott (The Gold) is his unpredictable partner in crime.

McArdle previously revealed that he had the full support of Winstone before production began on the prequel.

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He told "I texted Ray Winstone and he sent me this lovely message back. A really gracious lesson in wishing good luck.

"And it really meant a lot and it gave me the confidence to go on because, obviously, it's quite daunting to take on these iconic roles, and you want to pay respect."

He continued: "I idolised that performance and it’s flawless in my eyes, so you want to pay respect to that. I also have to use my imagination to take the character into different aspects that we haven't seen of Gal before.

"So, to have that communication with Ray actually gave me the courage to do that."

But who else stars in the show? Read on for everything you need to know about the Sexy Beast cast.

Sexy Beast series cast

James McArdle plays Gal Dove

A studio photograph of James McArdle in character as Gal Dove (from Sexy Beast). He wears black turtleneck and grey blazer, with a purple backdrop behind him and a purple/red light shining from above
James McArdle stars in Sexy Beast. Paramount Plus

Who is Gal Dove? Gal is a gangster in the east end of London, who has focused on relatively small robberies and thefts so far in his career. However, when an opportunity arises to impress a more formidable boss, his moral compass will be tested by increasingly dark and difficult decisions.

McArdle told "There's a naivety to this Gal, which I found actually fun to play. He sees himself as a romanticised version of a gangster... this Robin Hood figure that he clearly casts himself as. So, I think he's happy being a big fish in a small pond.

"Gal just wants an easy life, and I think he is appalled by the level of violence and the kind of sociopaths that [criminal] world breeds."

Who played Gal Dove in the Sexy Beast film? He was played by Ray Winstone.

What else has James McArdle been in? Viewers may recognise him from mystery drama Mare of Easttown or recent Star Wars spin-off Andor. He has also appeared in acclaimed indie films Ammonite and Mary, Queen of Scots.

Tamsin Greig plays Cecilia Logan

Cecilia Logan looks aggressively towards younger brother Don, stood beside her, while smoking a cigarette
(L-R) Emun Elliot and Tamsin Greig in Sexy Beast. Paramount Plus

Who is Cecilia Logan? Cecilia is Don's older sister, who treats him harshly. She is eager for him to establish himself as a gangster to be reckoned with, pushing him into an unholy partnership with the notorious Teddy Bass.

Who played Cecilia in the Sexy Beast film? She did not feature.

What else has Tamsin Greig been in? Greig is arguably best known for her comedy work, with sitcom credits including Black Books, Green Wing, Episodes and Friday Night Dinner. She also led the cast of Julian Fellowes's period drama Belgravia.

Emun Elliott plays Don Logan

A studio photograph of Emun Elliott in character as Don Logan (from Sexy Beast). He wears a plain white shirt and stares disconcertingly down the camera lens, with a purple backdrop behind him and a purple/red light shining from above
Emun Elliott stars in Sexy Beast. Paramount

Who is Don Logan? Don is a close friend of Gal's. He unnerves most of the people around him with his sheer intensity and propensity for wild outbursts that often come out of nowhere.

With strong encouragement from his older sister, he is more inclined to follow a violent path deeper into London's criminal underworld, but Gal is just about managing to rein him in as the prequel series gets underway.

McArdle explained: "Gal was a really popular kid, [but] Don had no friends growing up, and I think Gal took him under his wing. So there's a brotherly element, there's a paternal element there. When you know someone that well from childhood, you stick with them through thick and thin.

"So, in many ways, Don can be a liability for Gal, but he can also be a great asset. He's a wild dog on a leash that Gal can let out whenever he needs to."

Who played Don Logan in the Sexy Beast film? He was played by Ben Kingsley, who was Oscar-nominated for the role.

What else has Emun Elliott been in? Elliott recently finished an acclaimed three-season run on BBC Scotland's dark comedy Guilt. His other credits include Prime Video's The Rig and heist drama The Gold, as well as M Night Shyamalan thriller Old.

Stephen Moyer plays Teddy Bass

Teddy Bass in a nightclub, wearing a black suit with a red tie
Stephen Moyer stars in Sexy Beast. Paramount Plus

Who is Teddy Bass? Teddy is an established crime boss, who Gal and Don are considering going into business with. However, they may not be prepared for just how cruel and brutal he can be.

McArdle teased Gal's "faustian pact" with Teddy: "Once that's made, there's no going back. And I think you immediately start to see the the regret and [Gal] trying to walk the situation back, whereas Don wants to go further and further and take the opportunities."

Who played Teddy Bass in the Sexy Beast film? He was played by Ian McShane.

What else has Stephen Moyer been in? Moyer is best known for playing vampire Bill Compton in the HBO fantasy drama True Blood. He went on to a main role in X-Men spin-off The Gifted, which ran for two seasons until 2019. In film, he is known for playing Christian Vance in the romantic dramas After We Fell, After Ever Happy and After Everything.

John Dagleish plays Aitch

Aitch is sitting on the floor, handcuffed to the rear bumper of a car, with a bloodied nose
John Dagleish stars in Sexy Beast. Paramount Plus

Who is Aitch? Aitch is a trusted associate of Gal's, who is partial to an intriguing conspiracy theory.

Who played Aitch in the Sexy Beast film? He was played by Cavan Kendall, who died shortly after filming wrapped.

What else has John Dagleish been in? Most recently, Dagleish appeared in Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, while he also worked with the studio on 2018's Christopher Robin and Mary Poppins Returns. On television, he is known for Lark Rise to Candleford, Beaver Falls and The Third Day.

Clea Martin plays Ann Marie Dove

Clea Martin attends an event, wearing a burgundy top and black jacket
Clea Martin. Dave Benett/Getty Images for Longchamp

Who is Ann Marie Dove? Ann Marie is Gal's younger sister, who is a regular on the '90s rave scene. He is concerned about her regular consumption of party drugs, fearing it could mess with her head and lead her to unsavoury characters.

Who played Ann Marie in the Sexy Beast film? She did not feature.

What else has Clea Martin been in? Clea played a royal handmaiden on HBO's Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, while she has also appeared in BBC dramas This Is Going to Hurt, Showtrial and Industry. She is also known for the recurring role of Jessie on Prime Video's spy thriller Hanna.

Sarah Greene plays Deedee Harrison

Dee Dee Harrison wears a glamorous white dress in a busy nightclub setting
Sarah Greene stars in Sexy Beast. Paramount Plus

Who is Deedee Harrison? Deedee is an adult film star, who Gal swiftly falls in love with. Prior to her meeting him, she is attempting to shift into directing and more senior roles at her studio, but comes up against resistance.

Of Gal and Deedee's relationship, McArdle said: "They challenge each other in a way that no one from their spheres does, and they don't rely on each other the way that everyone else relied on them. So there's a selflessness to the love, which I think becomes more and more appealing to them. And they push each other to succeed and to grow, and they don't judge each other."

Who played Deedee in the Sexy Beast film? She was played by Amanda Redman.

What else has Sarah Greene been in? Green's television credits include Penny Dreadful, Dublin Murders, Normal People and Roadkill. But she gained particular recognition for her role in Apple TV+ breakout hit Bad Sisters, where she played Bibi Garvey.

Nitin Ganatra plays Ricky Sidhu

Nitin Ganatra wearing a black suit and white shirt, smiling to the camera and holding his OBE medal in his hand
Nitin Ganatra with his OBE, awarded in May 2022. Kirsty O'Connor - Pool / Getty Images

Who is Ricky Sidhu? Ricky is the manager of the adult film company where Deedee works. He does seem to genuinely care about her wellbeing on some level, warning her not to go into business with some dangerous people.

Who played Ricky in the Sexy Beast film? He did not feature.

What else has Nitin Ganatra been in? Ganatra recently appeared in Netflix mystery drama Bodies, Sky comedy Breeders and ITVX's Changing Ends. However, to soap fans he's best known for playing Masood Ahmed on EastEnders – a role he held for more than a decade.

Sexy Beast started streaming on Paramount Plus from Thursday 25th January 2024. Get a seven day free Paramount Plus trial at Amazon Prime Video.

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