Season five of the time-travelling romance came to a close in May, finishing with a nail-biting finale which saw Claire (Caitriona Balfe) kidnapped by the villainous Lionel Brown.


The Starz show, which sees Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire build a life together after the former World War II nurse is transported from 1940's Scotland to pre-revolutionary America.

Fans are now eagerly awaiting Outlander season six, for which a release date has not yet been confirmed, but in the meantime, here's a recap of what happened in the last series to keep your memory refreshed...

What happened in Outlander season 5?

Season five of Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon's fifth book in the series, began with Jamie receiving an order from Governor Tryon to find and kill his godfather, Murtagh, who was leading a militia of rebel Regulators. The Frasers also learnt that the rapist of their daughter, Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speelers), was still alive.

Throughout the season, we saw Brianna get revenge on Bonnet by shooting him in the head as he drowned and the near-deaths of Jamie (who was bitten by a snake) and Roger (who was almost hanged).

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We also saw Claire venture into modern medicine after a resident of Fraser's Ridge died from a preventable illness due to the use of folk medicine. Claire's advice - given under the pseudonym Dr Rawlings - travels far and she begins healing others using her surgical skills.


Sadly, season five also saw the death of Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), who was killed by Jamie's militia in a heartbreaking scene. Jamie tried to carry him back to Claire for her to save, but by the time he reached her, Murtagh had already passed.

Roger, Brianna and son Jeremy decided to return to the future, however the stones landed them back where they started in 18th century America. They realised that, because Brianna and Roger wanted to travel 'home', they appeared at Fraser's Ridge, which is where they now belong.

Meanwhile, Brownsville resident Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) and his militia had invaded the Ridge, committing arson and destroying property. In the shocking season finale, Brown kidnapped Claire before gang-raping her with his men. He revealed that he knew about her medical pseudonym, Dr Rawlings, and blamed her for his wife rejected him sexually.

Jamie and his crew found Claire tied to a tree while Lionel's camp sleep and killed all except Lionel, who is interrogated. The series ended with Marsali avenging Claire, poisoning Lionel with Claire's syringe.

Will there be an Outlander season six?

We know that Outlander season six is definitely happening, as Starz renewed the show for a fifth and sixth series over two years ago.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is unlikely that we will be seeing season six any time soon.

What will happen in season six?

At the end of season five, we saw the Frasers return Lionel's body to the Brown family, resulting in his brothers swearing revenge on the family. Season six is therefore most likely to deal with the aftermath of Lionel's murder and the damage he caused at the Ridge.

Outlander cast: Who appeared in season five?

Outlander series five
Outlander series five Sony

The Fraser family obviously returned for season five, with Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Sam Heughan (Jamie), Sophie Skelton (Brianna, Claire and Jamie's daughter), and Richard Rankin (Roger) featuring heavily this series.

Duncan Lacroix's Murtagh appeared despite his character being killed off in the books, but it's unlikely we will be seeing Murtagh next season due his tragic death in season five. You can also check out our full Outlander cast list.

Where is Outlander filmed?

Spoiler alert: Fraser's Ridge isn't really in North Carolina. Scotland is the main location used for Outlander filming, standing in for North America this season.


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