Maxine, a three-part drama about the Soham murders 20 years ago, has now landed on Netflix in full after originally airing on Channel 5 back in 2022.


The true crime drama delves into the relationship between Ian Huntley (Scott Reid), who was sentenced to two terms of life imprisonment for the double murder of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, and Maxine Carr (Jemma Carlton), who was convicted of perverting the course of justice for providing him with an alibi.

Maxine was met with backlash from some fans when it first aired due to its decision to explore the case from Carr's perspective, with many accusing the drama of painting her as a victim.

Channel 5's director of programmes Ben Frow previously defended the decision to air the three-part drama, saying it is "deeply respectful to the victims".

Read on for everything you need to know about Maxine on Netflix.

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Maxine: How to watch the true crime drama

San Shella as Walker with Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr in Maxine.
San Shella as Walker with Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr in Maxine. Channel 5

Maxine is available to watch in full on Netflix.

The series originally aired on Channel 5 back in October 2o22.

What is Maxine about?

Jemma Carlton in Maxine.
Jemma Carlton in Maxine. Channel 5

The official synopsis for Maxine says: "Based on real events, Maxine revisits the Soham murders through the eyes of school assistant Maxine Carr.

"In 2002, a community is shaken when two 10-year-old girls go missing in Soham. When Maxine Carr’s boyfriend, Ian Huntley, admits to the police that he was the last person to see them, she provides him with an alibi. As the investigation escalates, the police and journalist Brian Farmer begin to unravel the truth.

"When Maxine's alibi comes under scrutiny and the bodies of the two girls are discovered, the couple are arrested on suspicion of murder. As the trial heats up, how far will Maxine go for her boyfriend and how much does she really know?"

Who stars in Maxine alongside Jemma Carlton and Scott Reid?

Scott Reid in Maxine.
Scott Reid in Maxine. Channel 5

The series stars newcomer Jemma Carlton in the first role, playing Maxine Carr. She is joined in the series by Scott Reid (Line of Duty, White House Farm) as Ian Huntley, while Steve Edge (Benidorm) and Natalie Britton (Them) play journalists looking into the case.

Here's the full cast list for Maxine on Channel 5:

  • Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr
  • Scott Reid as Ian Huntley
  • Steve Edge as Brian Farmer
  • Natalie Britton as Jane Kerrigan
  • Kate O'Toole as Shirley
  • David Ryan as DCS Chris Stevenson
  • Lesley Conroy as Lynda Huntley
  • Shane Nestor as Howard Gilbert
  • Barry John Kinsella as DCI Andy Hebb
  • Steve Gunn as Matt Tapp
  • Catriona Loughlin as DCI Nikki Harris
  • Lucy Cray Miller as Marion Bastin
  • Molly McCann as Millie Farmer
  • San Shella as Walker
  • Simon Coury as Stephen Coward QC
  • Andy Crook as Richard Latham QC
  • Jim Roche as Dr Nat Cary
  • Laurence Foster as Michael Hubbard QC

Maxine trailer

You can watch the full trailer for Maxine below:

Maxine is available to watch now on Netflix – Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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