Well, Channel 5's new thriller Lie With Me really put its cards on the table at the end of episode one. There we were, trying to piece things together – and suddenly the screenwriters let us in on the big bad secret.


So – (spoiler alert for episode one!) – Jake Fallmont (Brett Tucker) is having an affair. Worse: he's having an affair with Becky Hart (Phoebe Roberts), who is a long-term mistress rather than the nanny we thought he'd just met! And they've got a cruel and bizarre plan to get rid of Jake's wife Anna Fallmont (Charlie Brooks).

The reveal begins with Jake texting the contact in his phone saved as "mummy". She directs him downstairs in his own house – and waiting for him in the wine cellar is Becky, wearing sexy lingerie and ready for some fun.

Jake himself explains the scheme in a voiceover, taken from a conversation with Becky back in the UK: "I've got a plan. I'll talk Anna into moving to Australia. You'll come too. And we'll give you a reason to move in. While I work on getting full custody, you'll see why we need to protect the kids from her. We'll grab moments where we can."

1. Did Anna die? Or Jake?

Blissfully happy on the surface, Anna (Charlie Brooks) and Jake (Brett Tucker) settled into their new home.

The episode begins, of course, with a dead body. Someone's corpse is being carted away in a blue body bag. Divers have found and bagged a heart-charm bracelet (presumably Becky's). Jake's mother Cynthia (Caroline Gillmer) comes running out the front door, to find little Grace sitting on the front doorstep watching the police and hugging her doll. Cynthia explains, "She keeps asking for mummy. What do I tell her? What can I possibly say?"

The gardener, Liam (Alfie Gledhill), watches the house from a distance, wearing a smart suit and a troubled expression.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Becky is sitting in an interview room. "How long have you known the deceased?" asks the detective. And then it's back to the beginning of the story.

So, who's in the body bag? Well, let's start out by working out who it isn't.

Liam's alive. Becky's alive. Cynthia's alive. Grace is alive. That means the prime candidates to be the dead body are: a) Jake and b) Anna. (The baby, Oliver, is also a possibility - but we can probably rule him out, given the "how long have you known the deceased?" question. It'd be a bit weird to ask that about a baby.)

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So we've narrowed it down to Jake or Anna. And frankly, we're hoping it's Jake.

2. Who is the killer?

The answer to this question very much depends on the identity of "the deceased". Did Anna kill Jake? Did Jake kill Anna? Cynthia's bit about "she keeps asking for mummy" could fit with either of those theories: mummy could be dead, or she could be at the police station, or perhaps she's on the run.

Or maybe Becky is the killer! She has been quickly transported to a police interview room. Maybe she killed Anna to stop her getting in the way of her relationship with Jake; or maybe Jake betrayed her in some way, and she killed him. (But if Becky killed Jake, where is Anna right now?)

Then there's Liam, observing the crime scene from a distance. From the first episode, he seems to be an outsider in all this and it's not clear what his motive would be. But we're keeping an eye on him, too.

3. What does the bracelet mean?

Anna holding the bracelet in Lie With Me

Anna found the bracelet in her husband Jake's car, and thought (rightly) that it was evidence of an affair – but he's managed to convince her that one of his colleagues must have dropped it when he was giving them a lift. However, we (the audience) now know that the bracelet belongs to Becky, and that she dropped it in the car before she was meant to have officially met Jake for the first time.

If the bracelet is returned to Becky, and Anna sees it, this could really mess with her head. Would she accuse Jake again, after getting it so wrong the first time by confronting his secretary?

And the fact of the bracelet being fished out of the pool (after the death/murder) is also interesting. Why is it there? Was it dropped or planted? It's clearly not in Becky's possession anymore.

4. Can Jake and Becky really get away with this?

Jake and Becky in Lie With Me

It's just such an outlandish scheme! To move across the world, invite your secret lover into your house as a nanny, pretend to meet her for the first time, and then gaslight your wife about it? To try to provoke her into acting out and 'going crazy', so you get full custody? The absolute audacity of it all.

So far, it's all working out quite well: Becky encouraged Anna to confront Jake's secretary Caroline (Isabella Giovinazzo) about her suspicions of an affair, embarrassing herself and looking a bit unhinged. Becky also helped give Jake a good-dad cover story for why he was away at lunchtimes, taking Grace's toy and photographing it in different parts of the city for a kindergarten project. And from the 'next time' preview, it looks like they'll step up their campaign further by swapping out Anna's meds.

Perhaps they have gotten away with it by the end of the story? Maybe they killed Anna to get rid of her for good, and maybe they've pulled off a successful cover-up. But perhaps not. Murder wasn't part of the original plan, so clearly something has changed along the way.

5. What does the gardener know?

Alfie Gledhill plays Liam in Lie With Me

At the crime scene, Liam's expression hints at secret knowledge. What did he witness between the moment Becky first arrived at the house, and the moment the police wheeled a corpse into an ambulance?

In his time working on the Fallmont property, perhaps he noticed some of Becky's sneaking around with Jake? Maybe he teamed up with Anna to tackle snaky Jake? Or maybe he fell for Becky, and got wrapped up in things that way?

We can but speculate. So speculate we shall.


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