At long, long last, the fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom is finally upon us.


Season 5 takes place several years after the previous seasons, which has sparked discussion over whether The Last Kingdom should have copied The Crown's approach to casting, threatening the fragile peace between the Danes and Saxons.

Alexander Dreymon is once again wielding his trademark amber-hilt sword in the role of iconic warrior Uhtred of Bebbanburg, alongside other fan-favourite cast members from previous seasons of the show.

The Netflix historical drama also serves up an array of new cast members and characters in season 5, starting with Domina actor Ewan Horrocks in a recurring role as grown-up Aelfweard – the son of King Edward and his wife, Aelflaed.

Read on to reacquaint yourself with The Last Kingdom cast, including a recap of each character's story and details on where you might have seen these actors before.

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The Last Kingdom cast: Who stars in season 5 alongside Alexander Dreymon?

Alexander Dreymon plays Uhtred of Bebbanburg

Alexander Dreymon in The Last Kingdom (Netflix)
Alexander Dreymon in The Last Kingdom Netflix

Who is Uhtred of Bebbanburg? Uhtred is a warrior who was born a noble Saxon and the rightful heir to his ancestral land of Bebbanburg. However, that life was snatched away from him as a young boy when Danes attacked, killing his father and kidnapping him to work as their servant. Over time, they grew attached to Uhtred and accepted him as one of their own, while he became a devout believer in their gods and customs.

Things became complicated for Uhtred when he was coerced into serving the late King Alfred, as time and again he had to confront the fact that he was torn between two worlds with both Saxon and Dane connections. Over time, he has drifted increasingly towards the Saxons, playing a major role in holding together the kingdoms of both Alfred and his son, Edward – the current monarch.

When we find Uhtred in season 5, he has been entrusted with raising King Edward's illegitimate son Aethelstan and has authority over a town called Rumcofa. However, his peace will be disturbed by the re-emergence of Brida, an old friend turned bitter enemy, who vows revenge on Uhtred after he failed to intervene in a series of awful occurrences, including the murder of her lover Ragnar and her enslavement by the Welsh king.

What else has Alexander Dreymon been in? Outside of his work on The Last Kingdom, Dreymon is known for the role of Luke Ramsey in American Horror Story's third season, Coven. He also appeared opposite Doctor Who star Matt Smith in BBC Two biopic Christopher and His Kind.

Mark Rowley plays Finan

Mark Rowley plays Finan in The Last Kingdom

Who is Finan? Finan is arguably Uhtred's closest friend. The two first crossed paths when they were enslaved on a boat under merciless overlords who very nearly killed them and chose to stick together after their liberation. When we reunite with him in season 5, we discover he has settled down in Uhtred's town of Rumcofa with a wife and children. But that won't stop him answering the call to battle.

What else has Mark Rowley been in? Last year, Rowley had a small role in bleak whaling drama The North Water, sharing the screen with Colin Farrell and his The Last Kingdom colleague Eliza Butterworth. His other credits include The Spanish Princess and Daniel Radcliffe's zany indie action flick Guns Akimbo.

Emily Cox plays Brida

Emily Cox plays Brida in The Last Kingdom

Who is Brida? Brida is a Dane woman who grew up with Uhtred and became romantically involved with him when they reached adulthood. However, fate ultimately took them down different paths, with Uhtred drifting toward his Saxon heritage and Brida becoming an increasingly extreme voice for the Danes. When we last saw her, she swore revenge on Uhtred for his repeated failures. However, at the start of season 5, she has not been heard from for years.

What else has Emily Cox been in? Cox is also known for her main role on German sitcom Jerks.

Arnas Fedaravičius plays Sihtric

Arnas Fedaravičius plays Sihtric in The Last Kingdom

Who is Sihtric? Sihtric is another one of Uhtred's longtime allies, frequently seen charging into battles alongside Finan and Osferth. He was originally a Dane invader but pledged his loyalty to Uhtred when facing execution and has never broken that vow. These days, he too has built a life for himself in Rumcofa with his wife and numerous children.

What else has Arnas Fedaravičius been in? The Lithuanian actor has also appeared in Scandinavian drama series Thicker Than Water.

Eliza Butterworth plays Lady Aelswith

Eliza Butterworth in The Last Kingdom season 5

Who is Lady Aelswith? Aelswith is the pious widow of the late King Alfred and mother to the reigning King Edward and Mercian ruler Lady Aethelflaed. She has a long history with Uhtred, initially despising him for his Dane customs which she deemed to be heathen, but ultimately coming to respect him as someone who has sacrificed much for Wessex. In season four, she was poisoned by the treacherous Aethelhelm but survived the assassination attempt and remains a part of Edward's court.

"I remember thinking there might be a slight chance she's sort of in the next season, but we maybe see her demise at that point early on," Butterworth told "But actually, I was quite taken aback when they said ‘no, she will be quite heavily involved in the next season and all the shenanigans’."

What else has Eliza Butterworth been in? Last year, Butterworth appeared opposite her The Last Kingdom co-star Mark Rowley in the first episode of BBC Two drama The North Water.

Ewan Mitchell plays Osferth

Ewan Mitchell plays Osferth in The Last Kingdom

Who is Osferth? Osferth is an illegitimate son of the late King Alfred, who originally pursued a life as a monk before joining Uhtred's entourage. Last season, he had a brush with death but ultimately survived and now resides in Rumcofa with his friends.

What else has Ewan Mitchell been in? Most recently, Mitchell appeared in ITV's bomb squad thriller Trigger Point, where he played the brother to main character Lana Washington (Line of Duty's Vicky McClure). He is also known for his roles in war dramas World on Fire and The Halcyon.

Timothy Innes plays King Edward

Timothy Innes plays King Edward in The LAst Kingdom

Who is King Edward? King Edward is the son of Alfred the Great and current ruler of Wessex. He strives to achieve his later father's dream of a united England and is closer than ever to making it a reality, with only one kingdom yet to be brought under his control. He plans to remain as king for a good while longer, but already talk of his successor is stirring, with his legitimate son Aelfweard and bastard Aethelstan being positioned as rivals. Edward is yet to announce who will be the 'atheling' – i.e. the official heir to the throne.

What else has Timothy Innes been in? Previously, Innes played the supporting role of Benjamin Lennox on the first season of ITV drama Harlots.

Millie Brady plays Aethelflaed

Millie Brady in The Last Kingdom season 5

Who is Lady Aethelflaed? Aethelflaed is the daughter of the late King Alfred and current ruler of Mercia. She became queen there after her abusive husband Aethelred died from injuries sustained in battle, but the promotion came with a devastating cost. In order to get her court to agree to being led by a woman, she swore to remain chaste – which meant giving up a relationship with her true love, Uhtred.

What else has Millie Brady been in? Brady appeared opposite Hugh Laurie in BBC One satire Roadkill, while she is also known for her roles in ITV's factual drama White House Farm and Netflix smash-hit The Queen's Gambit. On the big screen, she has appeared in Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and period horror flick Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

James Northcote plays Aldhelm

James Northcote in The Last Kingdom

Who is Aldhelm? Aldhelm is one of Lady Aethelflaed's closest allies. He has been in love with the queen for many years, but accepts that his feelings are not reciprocated and merely wants to act in her best interests.

What else has James Northcote been in? Northcote has previously appeared in period drama Catherine the Great, starring Helen Mirren, as well as BBC thriller SS-GB and Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game.

Ruby Hartley plays Stiorra

Ruby Hartley plays Stiorra in The Last Kingdom

Who is Stiorra? Stiorra is Uhtred's daughter, who has inherited his fiery spirit. In the previous season, she fell in love with warlord Sigtryggr and their relationship paved the way to a fragile peace being brokered between Saxon and Dane. Now, the two rule Eoferwic (now known as York) under Dane law, but have allowed some Christian preachers to live on their land.

What else has Ruby Hartley been in? Hartley made her screen debut with The Last Kingdom.

Eysteinn Sigurðarson plays Sigtryggr

Sigtryggr in The Last Kingdom

Who is Sigtryggr? Sigtryggr is a Danish warrior who arrived on our shores with the intention to invade. He ran a formidable campaign too, which culminated with a devastating siege of Edward's home city Winchester. In the end, there was an end to the bloodshed when Sigtryggr agreed to a truce with the king that would see the Danes retain control of the Northern territory Eoferwic.

What else has Eysteinn Sigurðarson been in? Sigurðarson has also appeared in sci-fi thriller Devs and popular video game sequel Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, which starred fellow The Last Kingdom alum Magnus Bruun (Cnut).

Stefanie Martini plays Eadith

Stefanie Martini plays Eadith in The Last Kingdom

Who is Eadith? Eadith once lived a comfortable life until her family's name was disgraced, causing she and her brother Eardwulf to flee to Mercia in the hope of overthrowing King Aethelred. Ultimately, Eadith would disown her sibling as he became increasingly ruthless, instead allying herself with Uhtred and his companions. She became close with Finan during that time, with hints that their relationship could become romantic, but actor Stefanie Martini told that this storyline has been dropped in season 5.

"She's been off in Francia, in my head she's been travelling around like a nomad and picking up herbal skills from various people and doing all this crazy stuff," said Martini. "She rocks up after having not seen anyone for that whole amount of time, so in a way it's like she's rediscovering all these relationships, remembering these people that she really, really cares about. And one of them is Finan, but sadly it's not what it was, I think he's moved on by now."

What else has Stefanie Martini been in? Martini has previously led the cast of Julian Fellowes' television adaptation of Doctor Thorne and ITV's crime thriller Prime Suspect 1973. She is also known for her supporting role in Emerald City, a modern reimagining of The Wizard of Oz from US broadcaster NBC.

Finn Elliot plays Young Uhtred

Finn Elliot in The Last Kingdom

Who is Young Uhtred? Young Uhtred is Uhtred's son, who King Alfred ordered be raised in a monastery as a spiteful gesture towards the Dane warrior during one of their many tiffs. As a result, Young Uhtred has rejected his father's violent lifestyle to serve God instead, becoming a Christian priest and a voice for peace.

What else has Finn Elliot been in? Elliot portrayed a young Prince Philip on Netflix drama The Crown.

Jeppe Beck Laursen plays Haesten

Jeppe Beck Laursen plays Haesten in The Last Kingdom

Who is Haesten? Haesten is a Dane warrior who Uhtred has crossed paths with numerous times over several decades. He is notoriously self-interested, only ever looking for the outcome that stands to benefit him the most – a tactic which, to be fair, has seen him outlive most of his peers.

What else has Jeppe Beck Laursen been in? Beck Laursen has appeared in numerous projects in his native Norway, while British viewers may know him for his roles in mythological drama Ragnarok and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Adrian Schiller plays Aethelhelm

Adrian Schiller plays Aethelhelm in The Last Kingdom

Who is Aethelhelm? Aethelhelm is a nobleman who has been power-hungry for a long time. He married his daughter off at a young age to King Edward of Wessex and is now hellbent on seeing his grandson inherit the throne (as opposed to Edward's bastard). He's proven himself willing to do anything to get what he wants, even poisoning Lady Aelswith in season four in an attempt to remove one opposing voice from the court.

What else has Adrian Schiller been in? Last year, Schiller appeared in two episodes of BBC One's long-running murder mystery Death in Paradise. Previously, he has appeared in ITV's royal drama Victoria and Disney's live-action Beauty & The Beast.

Amelia Clarkson plays Aelflaed

Amelia Clarkson in The Last Kingdom

Who is Aelflaed? Aelflaed is Aethelhelm's daughter and the current queen of Wessex, having been part of an arranged marriage to Edward at a young age. Their relationship has been rather unsuccessful, with little love shared between them by the time we meet them in season 5.

What else has Amelia Clarkson been in? Clarkson is known for her roles in BBC dramas Poldark and Our Zoo, as well as the History Channel original series Knightfall.

Patrick Robinson plays Bishop Benedict

Patrick Robinson plays Father Benedict in The Last Kingdom

Who is Bishop Benedict? Benedict is an African priest who has travelled the world spreading the word of God. However, over the course of that adventure he has also developed a gambling addiction, which has left him indebted to some very dangerous people. Actor Patrick Robinson told the character was inspired by real 8th century abbott Adrian, a North African scholar who spent much of his life at a monastery in Canterbury.

What else has Patrick Robinson been in? Robinson earned acclaim for his performance in BBC One's Windrush drama Sitting in Limbo, while his other projects include The Trouble with Maggie Cole, Mount Pleasant and The Bill.

Harry Gilby plays Aethelstan

Harry Gilby in The Last Kingdom season 5

Who is Aethelstan? Aethelstan is the bastard son of King Edward, who was raised by Uhtred in the town of Rumcofa after being the target of assassination as a child. He has been trained to fight and lead in the hope that he will one day ascend to the throne.

What else has Harry Gilby been in? Gilby portrayed a young JRR Tolkien in a 2019 biopic about the Lord of the Rings author, while his television credits include Grantchester and Casualty.

Ewan Horrocks plays Aelfweard

Ewan Horrocks in The Last Kingdom

Who is Aelfweard? Aelfweard is the legitimate son of King Edward and Queen Aelflaed, who grandfather Aethelhelm is determined to see become the next ruler of Wessex.

What else has Ewan Horrocks been in? Horrocks played a young Drusus in Roman Empire drama Domina.

Phia Saban plays Aelfwynn

The Last Kingdom season 5 – Aelfwynn

Who is Aelfwynn? Aelfwynn is the daughter of Lady Aethelflaed, who longs to be free from her strict mother and the pressure that comes with being next in line for the throne.

What else has Phia Saban been in? Saban is making her screen debut with The Last Kingdom.

Harry Anton plays Bresal

Harry Anton in The Last Kingdom

Who is Bresal? Bresal is a sword-for-hire who begins working for Aethelhelm.

What else has Harry Anton been in? The Last Kingdom marks Anton's first major screen role.

Ilona Chevakova plays Ingrith

The Last Kingdom season 5 – Ingrith and Finan

Who is Ingrith? Ingrith is the wife of Finan, with whom he has several children.

What else has Ilona Chevakova been in? Chevakova has appeared in Finnish soap opera Secret Lives and Netflix Scandinoir series Bordertown.

Micki Stoltt plays Rognvaldr

Micki Stoltt in The Last Kingdom

Who is Rognvaldr? Rognvaldr is the estranged brother of Sigtryggr, who returns to his life at the start of season five and brings trouble not long after.

What else has Micki Stoltt been in? Stoltt is best known for his role in edgy thriller Surrogate.

Sonya Cassidy plays Eadgifu

Sonya Cassidy in The Last Kingdom

Who is Eadgifu? Eadgifu is a noblewoman hailing from Kent, who soon catches the attention of King Edward.

What else has Sonya Cassidy been in? Cassidy is best known for her roles in television dramas The Woman in White, Humans, Vera and The Paradise. She also appeared in one episode of Prime Video anthology series Soulmates.

The Last Kingdom is available to stream on Netflix. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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