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Daniel Radcliffe has guns for hands in wacky new movie

Guns Akimbo sees the Harry Potter actor involved in a brutal fight to the death

Published: Thursday, 16th January 2020 at 9:40 am

The trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's latest movie has just dropped and it looks to be one of his strangest roles to date.


That's no small feat, given that just a few years ago the actor played a literal corpse in the comedy-drama Swiss Army Man.

His new flick takes place in a heightened reality where a dark-net website forces two strangers to enter a citywide fight to the death, for the amusement of an audience watching via livestream.

When Radcliffe's character is selected, his tormenters bolt pistols onto his hands before leaving him to fend for himself against reigning champion Nix (Samara Weaving).

The first trailer is bursting with chaotic energy, but beware of strong language and violent themes:

Guns Akimbo will be released in the United States on 28th February 2020, but a UK launch date is yet to be announced.

It's possible that the independent film could go directly to a streaming or rental service, rather than have a theatrical run in the UK.

The trailer received a positive, if slightly bewildered, response on Twitter.


Guns Akimbo will be released in the US in 2020, with a UK date yet to be announced. 


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