Jed Mercurio is bringing more intense drama to ITV1 this weekend as Trigger Point returns for its action-packed second season.


The show reunites the Line of Duty creator with star Vicky McClure, here playing an explosives officer for the Metropolitan Police named Lana Washington, who is on the frontlines when London is targeted by a sinister terror campaign.

She'll be bravely walking into more nightmarish situations as she desperately attempts to avoid losing those she cares about, following a dramatic first season in which her brother was killed in traumatic attack.

She'll still be dealing from the fallout of those events in season 2, while McClure has also spoken about a "complicated" dynamic between Lana, former flame Thom Youngblood (Mark Stanley) and his current partner Helen Morgan (Natalie Simpson).

Series newcomer Simpson advised fans not to get too attached to any particular character, teasing that there's "a lot of death" in the new episodes and a "huge amount of drama".

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The Trigger Point cast also includes Eric Shango as Lana's trusted colleague Danny, Nabil Elouahabi as squad leader Hass, and Kris Hitchen as problematic nemesis John Hudson – but will any of them live to fight another day?

If you're eager for answers on what the next chapter of Trigger Point holds in store, read on for your essential information on when it airs on ITV1 and ITVX as well as much, much more.

Trigger Point season 2 release date and time

Lana Washington (Vicky McClure) in explosives officer uniform
Vicky McClure stars in Trigger Point season 2 HTM Productions for ITV

Trigger Point season 2 premieres on Sunday 28th January at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX. Episodes of the six-part series will then air weekly every Sunday on ITV1 at the same time.

The show was officially renewed last year, with filming getting underway in March 2023.

McClure said: "After such a great response to the first series of Trigger Point, we are so pleased to be back!

"The scripts are filled to the brim with twists, turns, those explosive moments and along with our returning cast and brilliant new cast members it’s set to be an exciting shoot!"

Prior to the show's premiere, producer Jed Mercurio said that it was set up to be a "returner", while writer Daniel Brierley told that there is a "whole world of ideas" for where to take the story next.

Trigger Point season 2 cast

Line of Duty star Vicky McClure, who recently starred in ITVX's Without Sin, will be back to lead the cast as Met Police explosives officer (or expo, for short) Lana Washington.

It has also been confirmed that Nabil Elouahabi (Hass), Eric Shango (Danny), Mark Stanley (DI Thom Youngblood), Kerry Godliman (Sonya Reeves), Kris Hitchen (John) and Kevin Eldon (Jeff) will return to the Trigger Point cast.

Meanwhile, new cast members joining the show for season 2 include Natalie Simpson (Outlander) as DS Helen Morgan, Julian Ovenden (Bridgerton) as Commander John Francis and Tomiwa Edun (Trying) as Alex.

The Trigger Point season 2 cast is as follows:

  • Vicky McClure as Lana Washington
  • Nabil Elouahabi as Hass
  • Eric Shango as Danny
  • Natalie Simpson as DS Helen Morgan
  • Mark Stanley as DCI Thom Youngblood
  • Julian Ovenden as Commander John Francis
  • Kerry Godliman as Sonya Reeves
  • Tomiwa Edun as Alex
  • Kris Hitchen as John
  • Kevin Eldon as Jeff
  • Tamzin Griffin as Val
  • Os Leanse as Hugo
  • Bethan Cullinane as Hope
  • Thom Ashley as Nick Hood
  • Maanuv Thiara as DI Amar Batra
  • Dan Whitlam as Tim

Trigger Point season 1 wasn't afraid to kill off key characters, with explosives officer Joel Nutkins (Adrian Lester), misled youth Billy Washington (Ewan Mitchell) and bomber Karl Maguire (Warren Brown) all meeting a grisly end in the first six episodes.

For this reason, we don't expect any of the above to have roles in season 2, as the show has not utilised flashbacks as a plot device thus far – and that's about the only way they could return.

What could happen in Trigger Point season 2?

Vicky McClure plays Lana Washington in Trigger Point
Vicky McClure plays Lana Washington in Trigger Point. ITV

As filming began, ITV revealed the synopsis for the new season, which teased: "In episode 1, Lana is just back from secondment training Ukrainian bomb disposal teams, but has not returned to active duty.

"She is giving a routine talk to security officers from major financial institutions about the issues surrounding bomb centred terrorism, when there is a bomb attack in the heart of the city. Lana is closest to the incident, but is she ready to take it on?"

In addition, Brierley has previously said that he wishes to delve deeper into the complex psychology that underpins Lana Washington's impressive ability to keep going in the face of terrible loss and insurmountable odds.

He said: "I think Lana is resilient and she's tough as nails, and that's part of her charm, but [the trauma] can't help but have an effect and that was really interesting.

"And if we get any future series, we want to really push into that character and see: is it good to examine these things? Or is the best way around this to kind of keep living with them?

Brierley added: "It's such an interesting subject to deal with because the instinct for Lana would be that she should get help and she should talk.

"But her worry would be that if she talks, if she kind of gives into the doubt and the fear inside of her, that she's going to lose her effectiveness… That's how she feels, but maybe there's another way around."

Speaking at the launch event for Trigger Point season 2, star McClure said that the show wouldn't shy away from the terrible loss that Lana suffered in season 1 – that being her little brother, Billy (played by House of the Dragon and Saltburn star Ewan Mitchell).

She cited a scene between Lana and her grieving parents, played by Kevin Eldon and Tamzin Griffin, as particularly memorable to work on.

"The most enjoyable part was the relationship between [Lana’s] mum and dad, and how that unfolds throughout the series," said McClure. "They've lost their son. And in some ways, they’ve lost their daughter.

"She's gone away, she's unsure of where she is in life. She's lost friends."

She added: "There’s a scene that we do that we just all improvised, and that's just always a world that I enjoy. And it needed it… the script was there but it was like, 'Let's just let loose and let's have a family argument. Let's enjoy sort of delving into that.'"

Trigger Point season 2 trailer

The trailer for Trigger Point season 2 dropped amid the Christmas rush, so if you missed it, catch up below:

Trigger Point season 2 will premiere on Sunday 28th January on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm. Season 1 is available to stream on ITVX. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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