Killing Eve season two ended with a literal bang when psychopath assassin Villanelle shot her enemy/love interest, British intelligence agent Eve Polastri, leaving the latter's fate uncertain.


Now, though, Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are back reprising their roles - alongside a star-studded international cast.

Read on for all you need to know about the cast and characters of Killing Eve season three.

**Warning: contains spoilers for Killing Eve seasons one and two**

Sandra Oh plays Eve Polastri

Who is Eve Polastri? A former desk-based MI5 agent who was hired off-the-books for a MI6 task force looking to catch female assassin Villanelle. Eve became embroiled in a sexually charged cat-and-mouse game, culminating with her stabbing Villanelle at the end of season one - before the pair unexpectedly teamed up in season two to bring down a tech billionaire-turned-snuff film fan, Aaron Peel, and Villanelle's creepy handler Raymond, whom Eve killed with an axe (not realising that Villanelle had a gun on her).

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In the final moments of season two Eve ultimately refused to run off with Villanelle, and the latter shot her in retaliation and left her for dead in Rome, Italy. In season three, we learn that she survived her bullet wound - and is "hiding in plain sight"...

Where have I seen Sandra Oh before? You'd be hard press not to conflate the Golden Globe-winning actress with her most iconic role: the over-achieving Cristina Yang in the US medical drama Grey's Anatomy, a role she played from 2005 to 2014. Her other screen credits include The Princess Diaries, Sideways, Sorry, Haters, Shitty Boyfriends, and Hard Candy.

Jodie Comer plays Villanelle

Who is Villanelle? A glamorous, multi-lingual Russian assassin and psychopath who discovered last season that she had been inadvertently working for a shadowy organisation called "The Twelve".

She is obsessed with Eve, but after the events of season two she believes her to be dead, and is trying to move on.

Where have I seen Jodie Comer before? Comer played Kate in the hit BBC series Doctor Foster, and Rey's mother in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. She has also starred as Elizabeth of York in The White Princess, played Ivy Moxam in TV mini-series Thirteen, and was also in My Fat Diary and Remember Me.

Fiona Shaw plays Carolyn Martens

Who is Carolyn Martens? Eve's ex-boss, last season Carolyn showed her true, manipulative colours when it was revealed that she had deliberately employed Villanelle as an undercover agent in the hopes that she'd turn rogue and kill Aaron Peel.

She's also mother to Kenny, a tech genius who has now distanced himself from his mum's line of work as a result of her dangerous game-playing.

Where have I seen Fiona Shaw before? She recently played Fleabag's therapist in the hit comedy-drama of the same name, but she's perhaps best known as the awful Aunt Petunia from the Harry Potter film franchise. She has also starred as Marnie Stonebrook in True Blood.

Owen McDonnell plays Niko Polastri

Who is Nico Polastri? Eve's husband. The pair grew apart over the course of seasons one and two, and he eventually had an affair with colleague Gemma - whom Villanelle brutally murdered. At the start of season three he's still traumatised, and is recuperating in a treatment facility.

Where have I seen Owen McDonnell before? McDonnell recently starred in the TV film Responsible Child. Previously he played Sergeant Jack Driscoll from Irish TV series Single-Handed, and has also been Michael Coyne in My Mother and Other Strangers, McArthur in Paula, and Tom in An Klondike.

Sean Delaney plays Kenny Stowton

Who is Kenny Stowton? Eve's friend and former colleague, Kenny's sweet temper is a sharp contrast to his ruthless mother, Carolyn. At the start of season three, Kenny has switched from espionage to journalism, and is working on an investigation into "The Twelve".

Where have I seen Sean Delaney before? Killing Eve is Delaney's first regular screen role, following a one-off appearance on Midsomer Murders in 2016.

Kim Bodnia plays Konstantin

Who is Konstantin? Villanelle's former handler, he sold her out during last season. He's now living in London, away from his young daughter.

Where have I seen Kim Bodnia before? The Danish actor Bodnia is probably best known for playing Martin in The Bridge. He's also appeared in Hostages, The Killing, and The Inspector and the Sea.

Steve Pemberton plays Paul

Who is Paul? A bureaucrat originally from the Foreign Office, he's been brought in to oversee Carolyn's team.

Where have I seen Steve Pemberton before? The League of Gentleman star is one of the creators behind Inside No. 9. He's also starred in Good Omens, Worzel Gummidge, Britannia, Death in Paradise, and Psychoville.

Harriet Walter plays Dasha

Who is Dasha? A former Russian gymnast, and an old associate of Villanelle's who tracks her down at the start of season three.

Where have I seen Harriet Walter before? The actress is currently played Caroline, Countess of Brockenhurst in ITV's period drama Belgravia.

She also plays Lady Caroline Collingwood in the darkly funny series Succession, and has previously starred in the film Sense and Sensibility (as the unbearable Fanny Dashwood); The Young Victoria; the TV series Black Earth Rising, Netflix's The Crown (as Clemmie Churchill); Atonement; and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (as Dr Kalonia).

Raj Bajaj plays Mo Jafari

Who is Mo Jafari? Carolyn's most recent protégée at MI6.

Where have I seen Raj Bajaj before? The actor is probably best known to fans of Netflix's A Christmas Prince franchise, in which he plays the eccentric fashion designer, Sahil. He's also starred in Doctors and Doctor Who.

Gemma Whelan plays Geraldine

Who is Geraldine? Carolyn's "hyper-empathic" daughter, whom we meet during episode two.

Where have I seen Gemma Whelan before? International audiences will probably recognise Whelan for her role as Yara Greyjoy in HBO's fantasy series Game of Thrones. She's also starred as Marian Lister in BBC One's Gentleman Jack; as Ann Eaton in ITV series White House Farm; as Kate in Upstart Crow; and more recently as Mrs Weston in the latest film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma.

Danny Sapani plays Jamie

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Who is Jamie? The editor of Bitter Pill, the investigative news site where Kenny is working at the beginning of season three.

Where have I seen Danny Sapani before? The TV and film actor has starred in Black Panther, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Netflix's The Crown (as President Nkrumah, whom the young Queen Elizabeth II famously danced with), and more recently in Harlots and in MotherFatherSon.

Turlough Convery plays Bear

Who is Bear? An eccentric employee at Bitter Pill, Bear is addicted to Tangfastic sweets and confesses that he has no self-control.

Where have I seen Turlough Convery? The actor recently played the gluttonous Arthur Parker in ITV's recent Jane Austen series Sanditon. He's also starred in My Mad Fat Diary, the TV mini-series Les Misérables, Poldark (as Tom Harry) and in the film Ready Player One.

Ayoola Smart plays Audrey

Who is Audrey? An employee at investigative news site Bitter Pill.

Where have I seen Ayoola Smart before? The actress played Zéphine in the TV mini-series Les Misérables, and has also starred in Vera, Holby City, and Juliet, Naked.

Yuli Lagodinsky plays Irina

Who is Irina? Konstantin's precocious daughter, whom Villanelle previously held hostage.

Where have I seen Yuli Lagodinsky before? This is the young actress' first on-screen role.

Camillie Cottin plays Helene

Who is Helene? A member of The Twelve, the shadowy organisation that employs both Villanelle and her handler, Dasha.

Where have I seen Camillie Cottin before? The French actress has previously starred in Allied (co-starring Brad Pitt), Call My Agent!, Dumped, and the TV series Mouche.

Killing Eve will begin on BBC iPlayer on Monday 13th April – the day after it launches in America. New episodes will then be available to stream every Monday from 6am


The show will also hit BBC One just under a week later, with the first episode on Sunday 19th April at 9pm and new episodes following each Sunday at 9pm
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