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Where is A Christmas Prince filmed? Location guide for the Netflix hit

Aldovia isn't real - but the locations are

Published: Tuesday, 17th December 2019 at 5:14 pm

Now officially part of a trilogy, A Christmas Prince is the first instalment in Netflix's unashamedly cheesy Christmas films that has become a guilty pleasure for festive film fans across the kingdom. So here's how you can search for your very own Christmas prince in the land of Aldovia - better known as Romania...


Peleș Castle

Peles Castle 2 A Christmas prince

The Peleș Castle in Sinaia, Romania was used for most of the exterior shots of Richard's grand palace, amusing many locals when Christmas decorations covered the building during filming over Easter. The Neo-Renaissance castle is surrounded by the picturesque Carpathian mountains and is no stranger to uplifting Christmas films - both A Princess for Christmas and Royal Matchmaker filmed there.

Bragadiru Palace

Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding Netflix

Yet another historical home was drafted in to complete the look of Richard's Aldovian castle, including 19th Century leisure complex Bragadiru Palace. Another Christmas movie veteran, the building has been used for similar films Christmas at the Palace and A Princess for Christmas. Who knew Christmas had so much to do with royalty!

The Cotroceni National Museum

A Christmas Prince Filming locations

Used for many of the interior shots of Richard's palace, the Cotroceni National Museum is the old wing of the Cotroceni Palace. While it is no longer the home of royalty it does house government heads - the newer section of the palace is the residence of the President of Romania.

The Carol Davila Medicine and Pharmacy University

A Christmas Prince Coronation

Take away the Christmas decorations, and you can just about see how the coronation room is not part of the palace but instead part of a university. TheCarol Davila Medicine and Pharmacy University is one of Romania's largest and biggest teaching institutions and uses over 20 hospitals in Bucharest.


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