With just one more episode of Happy Valley to go, fans may be dreading the addictive BBC crime drama leaving their screens for good.


However, they can take heart from the knowledge that the show will truly be going out with a bang, with an extended episode to close things off.

The finale's length has officially been revealed, and it will run for one hour and eight minutes. This makes it a full 10 minutes longer than the average instalment, with episodes tending to clock in at around 58 minutes.

The official synopsis for the final episode teases that "scores are settled for good on Catherine’s final shift" and that "Ryan faces a moral dilemma", but otherwise we have little information about just how things will play out.

Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah) & Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) in Happy Valley.
Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah) and Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) in Happy Valley. BBC/Lookout Point/Matt Squire

One additional aspect we can expect is a final showdown between Catherine and Tommy, a confrontation which has been teased by the show's cast and crew since the beginning of the season.

Creator Sally Wainwright has said: "There’s a very definite climax. A narrative has gone across all three: in season 1, Catherine and Tommy came face to face outside Ryan’s school, and in season 2 they almost came face to face in the crematorium, at Tommy’s mum’s funeral.

"In season 3, there’s a very big face-to-face showdown. The kind of cathartic showdown that people have waited for. It’s pretty dramatic."

Meanwhile, Norton recently said of the finale, referring to Wainwright: "Every time you get the scripts, you're like, 'She's done it again! She's not fallen short!' – not that she ever would. But there's always that thing of... is it going to be as good as the first two? And I think it's better!"

Some fans have also predicted that the finale will see Catherine die, with these theories only strengthened by Tommy's furious revenge quest going into the episode.

Happy Valley season 3 concludes on Sunday 5th February at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The first two seasons are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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