What is the *actual* greatest BBC children’s series of all time?

It's time for YOU to have your say!

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It’s not unusual for arguments to break out on Twitter – it’s practically what it’s for. But a recent post from CBBC’s official Twitter account, dividing a collection of their best-known shows into tiers of quality, sparked some seriously impassioned debate.


Did you get it right? No, CBBC. No, you did not.

Soon, the public and celebrity fans alike were piling in to tell CBBC what a mess they’d made of the poll. ChuckleVision at Mid tier? Why the shade to NewsRound? And why is flippin’ 50:50 so high?!

Coronation Street’s Lucy Fallon, journalist/news anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Radio 1 DJ Greg James all had their say…

Soon, even the stars themselves waded in, with Tracey Beaker actress Dani Harmer and ChuckleVision’s Paul Chuckle lamenting their shows’ placing in the list.

Something had to be done to resolve the crisis and we here at RadioTimes.com have decided to step up, to give you, the people, your chance to vote for the greatest BBC children’s series OF ALL TIME.


Below, we’ve compiled a long list of 100 shows to choose from. The only unbreakable rule in compiling our list: no imports from outside Britain (which means no Arthur, Thundercats or Mysterious Cities of Gold), with every series listing having to be at least a UK co-production.