Fans of the Netflix adaptation Anne with an E are determined to help renew the series, despite its cancellation almost two years ago.


The show was cancelled ahead of the Netflix release for season three, which the streamer subsequently marketed as the "final" ever season.

But the "Anne Nation" have since mobilised, determined that the show's creator Moira Walley-Beckett (Breaking Bad) will have another run at her bold update of LM Montgomery's beloved novel series about the red-haired orphan Anne Shirley.

Read on for everything you need to know about the campaign to save Anne with an E, and whether it could be picked up for season four.

Will Anne with an E season 4 be picked up?

There are currently no plans for a fourth season of Anne with an E. The series was unexpectedly cancelled in 2019, after negotiations between Canadian broadcaster CBC and the streamer Netflix fell through.

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Netflix, which had a later release date for season three on 3rd January 2020, began marketing the latest season as the "final" instalment.

However, fans have since suggested that the show could be picked up by another network or streamer, in the same way Lucifer was saved by Netflix.

Fast-forward to the present-day, and there's been no suggestion that any streamer will pick up the series imminently, while the Anne with an E cast lead Amybeth McNulty has now been cast in Stranger Things - meaning that, for now, there's no Anne with an E season four on the horizon.

"I've a huge admiration for this character and she speaks a lot to me, and to other people as well, and I'm very humbled to have the voice in this business and in this character. She's such a good character to have a voice for! And what she talks about is exactly my beliefs, which is lovely," series star McNulty previously told in an exclusive interview.

What is the Anne with an E season 4 campaign?


Fans of Anne with an E have continued to push for the show's renewal, either by Netflix or another streamer.

The hashtags #lettersforanne, #renewAnneWithanE and #saveAnneWithanE all made (and continue to make) the rounds on social media, with the show's dedicated fans (collectively known as 'Anne Nation') organising scheduled letter writing campaigns and contacting other streamers and broadcasters in the hopes that the show will be picked up.

The fan website already has scheduled events later in the year, for example, "Network Emailing Day," and "IMDb Rating".

The petition urging Netflix to renew Anne with an E for season four has amassed 1.5 million signatures since its creation, and the number continues to increase.

"Let's hope this petition catches the eye of Netflix and they decide to renew the show for season 4! Anne would want us to fight!," the petition statement reads.

The campaign has also attracted the attention of A-List celebrities, notably Ryan Reynolds, who previously tweeted Netflix with a request for them to renew the series.

Where can I watch Anne with an E?

Anne with an E seasons one, two and three are available on Netflix now.

There are a total of 27 episodes, and most clock in around 45 minutes long - making it the perfect series to savour over a rainy weekend.


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