Warning: this article contains spoilers for Angela Black episode six and touches on subject matter that some readers may find distressing.


ITV drama Angela Black, starring Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey), shines a light on the stark reality of domestic abuse.

The six-part series first aired on ITV back in 2021, airing weekly, but is still available now to watch on ITVX.

In the fifth and penultimate episode, it becomes apparent that Angela's abusive husband Olivier (Michiel Huisman) has framed her, tricking her and the police in order to gain sole custody of their two sons.

However, episode 6 sees Angela finally uncover the plan Olivier had concocted with Theo Walters, aka "Ed Harrison" (Samuel Adewunmi), the man who had pretended to be a hitman at the start of the series.

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RadioTimes.com has compiled everything you need to know about the ending of Angela Black, breaking down exactly how Angela managed to get revenge on both men in the Angela Black season finale.

Angela Black ending explained: How did Olivier catch Angela and their kids?

At the start of episode six, Angela takes her two sons out of school, deciding to run away and rebuild their lives far away from Olivier.

However, Olivier managed to catch up with them at a Welsh campsite, after the boys disobeyed Angela and turned on her mobile phone (which Olivier had been tracking).

How did Angela frame her husband Olivier in Angela Black?

Angela Black

Alone once again, Angela put on her detective hat and managed to find Craig Mantle, an old associate of Theo Walters who had also owed him a favour (just like Olivier had), this time in exchange for putting a man behind bars.

Next, she tracked down Theo and struck a bargain with him, offering her flashy engagement ring in exchange for help in her revenge plot.

At night-time, she broke into Mantle Motors, which Craig Mantle had signed over to Theo as his "favour", and she began trashing the place with a crowbar.

Elsewhere, Theo convinced Olivier to help him deal with Angela, and they both drove to Mantle Motors - where Angela and Theo turned on Olivier, locking him in a car boot. When they let him out, both were covered in blood and the police were just arriving. As a final touch, Angela tossed the crowbar into Olivier's hands, framing him for GBH (grievous bodily harm).

Both Angela and Theo claimed that Olivier had beaten them in a fit of jealousy, and he was arrested. Later, in his police interview, he was shown CCTV evidence of him choking Angela (which occurred in episode five).

What happened to Theo Walters in Angela Black?

Angela Black

After the police arrested Olivier, Angela phoned up Theo, who was packing up his things.

She revealed on the phone that she had found Craig Mantle, and subsequently tracked down the gang member who had been put behind bars thanks to Theo's false testimony - and told them everything.

While still on the phone, there was a loud banging on Theo's door, as Angela told him that his past had finally caught up with him - before she hung up.

The episode ended with Angela sitting down at a street piano, while her sons exclaimed that they didn't know she could play - after all, Olivier had forced her to give it up when she first fell pregnant. Eyes closed, Angela placed her fingers on the piano keys.

Angela Black first aired on Sunday 10th October at 9pm on ITV and is available to stream now on ITVX. Check out more of our Drama coverage, or find out what else is on with our TV Guide.

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For information and support, visit womensaid.org.uk, or alternatively, contact the Freephone 24 National Domestic Abuse Helpline (0800 2000 247), run by Refuge, or nationaldahelpline.org.uk.