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Amazon's teen spy Alex Rider will be "grittier" than the books

Alex Rider's Otto Farrant talks to about why he's feeling the pressure playing Alex - and how his version of the character will be an "outsider"

Alex Rider (Sony)
Published: Tuesday, 26th May 2020 at 12:01 am

Alex Rider is a character beloved by teenagers (and grown-up teenagers) all over the world - so it comes as no surprise that the latest actor to take on the iconic role might be feeling the pressure.


Otto Farrant, who plays the teen spy in Amazon Prime Video's upcoming adaptation of the bestselling book series, has admitted that he "definitely" feels some nerves about bringing such a popular character to life - but that he's also seeking to move the character on from the book version.

Speaking to, he said, "Yeah of course, definitely [feeling the pressure], but I approach every day the same and try and give my best job each day, and try and be as honest as I can onscreen, and to the character."

Asked what his version of Alex will be like in the TV series, he said, "I think we're still finding out that, I don't think - I haven't stuck to the books in terms of my inspiration, I've more seen it as my exploration of this character really. I know how iconic the books are, so I've really tried to take that character and maybe bring my own little take on it, without taking away the core elements of what Alex is."

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Speaking about the differences between his Alex and the book's version, he added: "I think what we've explored in the series is much more of an emotional journey, and I think yeah you could say he's more of an outsider, he's not the most confident with girls, he's not the most smooth talker, he's not even the best spy, and I think that's what's quite interesting, you're gonna watch someone become a man from a boy."

Alex Rider - Season 1 - Episode 108
Alex Rider (Amazon)

Brenock O'Connor (Game of Thrones), who plays Alex's best friend Tom in the series, added, "It's got a grittier touch to it than the books did. We've taken the source material and we've gone, 'How can we make this enjoyable not just for kids, not just for teens?', [we're] making a relevant TV show for anyone."

Viewers keen to see how Farrant's Alex Rider will differ from the book version don't have long to wait - the series will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Thursday 4th June, with all eight episodes available for UK Prime members to stream. You can also read the entire book series here.


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