All Creatures Great and Small returned to our screens last week, with a major moment in the show's big love story - the wedding of James and Helen.


However, Tristan star Callum Woodhouse has teased that theirs won't be the only romance on the cards this season, as his character could be getting his own relationship storyline in future episodes.

Speaking with and other press, Woodhouse explained that when we last saw Tristan he had "done the main thing he's been wanting to do for the whole time we've seen him really, which is to pass his exams and impress Siegfried - we've seen him finally do that".

However, he explained that "there's just something unfulfilled there" and that the achievement has "not fulfilled him in the way that I think he always thought it was going to".

Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) and Florence Pandhi (Sophie Khan Levy)
Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) and Florence Pandhi (Sophie Khan Levy) Channel 5

Woodhouse continued: "He's always thought, 'Once I pass, I'll be set'. Then he passes and there's still a sort of empty feeling. So we start with him trying to figure out what it is that he needs to fill that hole with.

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"And he's seen how James and Helen are with each other and seen their beautiful relationship together. I think he's jealous. I mean, jealous in a sort of affectionate way – he's happy for his best mate of course, but I think he wants a bit of that love and affection."

In images released ahead of episode 2 Tristan appears to be getting close with new character Florence Pandhi, played by Sophie Khan Levy, but just how this plays out remains to be seen.

Woodhouse's comments come as James star Nicholas Ralph also teased a "new dynamic" for his character and Tristan's brother Siegfried this season, so it seems it may be all change at Skeldale House very soon.

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All Creatures Great and Small season 3 continues at 9pm on Thursday 22nd September on Channel 5 and My5. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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