Spooky season may now be over, but Netflix is still giving us the creeps with the latest series of Unsolved Mysteries, which released its final three episodes today.


Over the last month, Volume 3 has explored a number of cold cases that are yet to be solved, from the murder of David Carter, whose girlfriend Tammy Williams is still being sought by officials, to the death of Tiffany Valiante.

Meanwhile, the second batch of episodes looked at the death of Buffalo Jim Barrier, the Las Vegas local celebrity found dead in a hotel room, and the disappearance of Josh Guimond, a university student who went missing in 2002 and was never seen again.

As for the final release, the docuseries dives into the death of Patrick Mullins, who went missing after taking his boat out, the murder of Marie Elizabeth Spannhake, and heartbreaking cases of children being abducted by one of their parents.

Read on for everything you need to know about the Unsolved Mysteries season 3 release schedule – and when you can expect the next batch of episodes.

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When are new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries season 3 on Netflix?

Unsolved Mysteries.

The last three episodes of Unsolved Mysteries' Volume 3 arrived on Netflix on Tuesday 1st November, with Body in the Bay, The Ghost in Apartment 14 and Abducted by a Parent now available to stream.

As for when fans can expect the next series, Netflix has not yet announced whether Unsolved Mysteries will be back for a fourth volume.

Unsolved Mysteries season 3 release schedule

David Carter and his son DJ
David Carter and his son DJ in episode 3. Netflix

Tuesday 18th October

1. Mystery at Mile Marker
Tiffany Valiante, a promising young athlete, is struck by a train four miles from home. But was her death a suicide or something more sinister?

2. Something in the Sky
Over 300 residents of western Michigan report seeing unearthly lights on the night of March 8th, 1994. Decades later, the event remains unexplained.

3. Body in Bags
A beloved father is brutally mutilated, but his presumed killer, a woman he knew from high school, escapes without a trace.

Tuesday 25th October

4. Death in a Vegas Motel
Buffalo Jim Barrier's larger-than-life presence in Las Vegas rankled the mob. Could that explain his untimely death under suspicious circumstances?

5. Paranormal Rangers
Bigfoot, orbs, UFOs, poltergeists and skin-walkers. For these Navajo Nation rangers, paranormal activity is just part of the job.

6. What Happened To Josh?
Twenty-year-old Josh Guimond leaves a college party without a word and is never seen again. Two decades later, his loved ones just want answers.

Tuesday 1st November

7. Body in the Bay
Patrick Mullins's unmanned boat is found miles from his home. When his body surfaces a week later, authorities are left with more questions than answers.

8. The Ghost in Apartment 14
A woman and her young daughter experience hauntings in their new apartment, linking them to the grisly murder of Marliz Spannhake in 1976.

9. Abducted by a Parent
When a child is kidnapped by their own parent, what recourse does the family have? These two cases explore the unique pain of parental abduction.

Unsolved Mysteries season 3 is available to stream from Tuesday 18th October on Netflix. Find out what else to watch with our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Documentaries hub.


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