House of Kardashian is a three-part documentary series focusing on the Kardashian-Jenner family and their rise to fame, which will premiere this October.


The docuseries will feature unseen archival footage and interviews with key figures from the famous family, including Caitlyn Jenner. Long-time Kardashian family friend Joe Francis will also feature.

It will dive into "the dynasty that is the Kardashian family, exploring their rise, reach and the cost that comes with having Kardashian-level fame".

With the documentary's imminent release, here's how you can watch it in the UK.

How to watch House of Kardashian in the UK

House of Kardashian will premiere on Sky Documentaries, which launched in 2020.

For Sky UK users, Sky Documentaries will be available on channel 114. NOW TV customers will also have access to Sky Documentaries content.

The broadcaster has stated that the documentary series will not be available on Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus.

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House of Kardashian release date

Caitlyn Jenner wearing a blue top, sitting on a sofa
Caitlyn Jenner. Sky

House of Kardashian will air on Sky Documentaries on Sunday 8th October. All three episodes will be available to watch at once.

Sky has promised that the series will challenge the audience "to think about the power and influence the family wields across many facets of society - not just popular culture".

"Whether you like, loathe or are indifferent to the Kardashians, you cannot deny the family’s grip on popular culture and influence on society," said Sky's director of documentaries and factual, Poppy Dixon.

"The story behind how these women redefined the word 'dynasty', all whilst our attitude to celebrity, race and women has changed, is inspiring, thought-provoking and tells us so much about ourselves."

House of Kardashian trailer

Sky released the trailer for House of Kardashian in September, with the 40-second video gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

You can watch it below.

House of Kardashian will air on Sunday 8th October on Sky Documentaries you can sign up for Sky TV here.

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