After weeks of hype, Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump finally aired on Rupert Murdoch’s new channel, TalkTV.


The premiere episode of Morgan’s new show featured the first half of the exclusive interview with the former US president; the second half then aired during Tuesday’s edition of the show.

So, how can you watch the full interview?

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Piers Morgan's interview with Donald Trump on TalkTV.

How to watch Piers Morgan's Donald Trump interview

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan Getty Images

Morgan's two-part interview with Donald Trump premiered on TalkTV on Monday 25th April 2022 at 8pm, and concluded on Tuesday 26th April.

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TalkTV can be found on Sky on channel 526, Virgin Media at channel 627, Freeview at 237 and Freesat at 217, as well as via connected TV and smart devices.

TalkTV can also be streamed on YouTube, and is available live or on catch-up via TalkTV’s website and apps.

Morgan announced the news that the interview had been split into two parts last week, saying there had been “huge global interest” in his interview with the former president.

This was the first episode of the new series, which will see Morgan discussing current affairs similar to his work on Good Morning Britain.

In promotional clips and interviews for the show, Morgan has talked about “cancel culture” and "free speech".

Speaking to and other press, Morgan said his Good Morning Britain exit was the "wrong call" for ITV, as he spoke about the themes for his new show.

"I think a democracy like ours or America or Australia, where the show will be airing, loses that sense of what free speech means and stops defending an individual's rights and opinion," he said. "So this show, I hope, and the network will be standing up for democracy!"

What is Piers Morgan's Donald Trump interview about?

In the 30-second trailer released on the official Piers Morgan Uncensored and TalkTV pages, the duo can be seen discussing the US 2020 election, with Trump maintaining his unproved claims that the election was stolen.

The trailer shows Trump appearing to storm off the set following Morgan's hard line of questions.

"I think I'm a very honest person. More honest than you," Trump says, to which Morgan replies: "Do you?"

"It was a free and fair election. You lost!" the broadcaster then adds.

"Only a fool would think that!" Trump quips as the pair go back and forth with one another.

Towards the end of the clip, Trump can be seen standing up as he says: "Let's finish up the interview. Turn the camera off. Very dishonest."

You can watch the trailer below.

Trump’s team claimed the trailer was misleadingly edited to give the impression Trump shouted “turn the camera off” while rising from his chair in anger.

Following the trailer, the former president's team released an audio where he claimed he and Piers could be heard cordially ending the interview, thanking one another and laughing.

In an interview with Lorraine, Morgan responded to the president's allegations that the clip had been "doctored", saying: "He says it’s a rigged election, and he now says I have a rigged promo. What I would say is watch the interview. It will all be there. We won’t be doing any duplicitous editing.

“The promo reflects exactly what happened. Donald Trump got very angry about one particular thing and he couldn’t let it go. But when people see the interview they’ll see that we have nice exchanges. We always have done before. But simmering is this anger he was feeling about what was said to him before we started the interview.”

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