If you're a major comedy fan, good news: ITV's latest lands today (17th January) and is guaranteed to make you laugh. The Family Pile may sound a little morbid but is actually a comedic exploration of one of life’s big milestones.


The new series centres on four sisters who have lost their parents and are packing up the family home to sell. But even in grief, their "messy lives" go on.

The series, which is entirely shot in the Liverpool city region, is written by The Smoking Room's Brian Dooley, with Phil Warburton-Leach as producer, Fergal Costello as director, and Jimmy Mulville and Angela Sinden as executive producers.

The quartet of sisters includes some very familiar faces, including Sherlock's Amanda Abbington, Downton Abbey's Clare Calbraith, Nathan Barley's Claire Keelan and Coronation Street's Alexandra Mardell.

But where have you seen the cast before and what do we know about their characters? Read on to find out everything you need to know about The Family Pile cast.

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The Family Pile cast

Amanda Abbington plays Nicole

The Family Pile - ITV
Amanda Abbington in The Family Pile. ITV

Who is Nicole? Nicole is one of the quartet of sisters, who is also married to Stuart and is mother to Connor (Sonny Lackey).

What else has Amanda Abbington been in? Many will recognise Abbington from her roles as Miss Mardle in Mr Selfridge and also as Mary Watson in BBC's adaptation of Sherlock. She has also starred in Netflix's Safe, Flack, I Hate Suzie and Wolfe.

Alexandra Mardell plays Gaynor

The Family Pile - ITV
Alexandra Mardell in The Family Pile. ITV

Who is Gaynor? Gaynor is one of the fun-loving sisters and is married to Greg. She is also mother to young daughter Poppy, who is played by Nellie Slaven.

What else has Alexandra Mardell been in? Mardell has previously starred in Coronation Street as Emma Brooker and has also featured in entertainment shows like Catchphrase and Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas 2022 special.

Clare Calbraith plays Yvette

The Family Pile - ITV
Clare Calbraith in The Family Pile. ITV

Who is Yvette? Not much is known about Yvette but she is one of the sisters dealing with the aftermath of her parents' deaths.

What else has Clare Calbraith been in? Calbraith has starred in a variety of roles including period drama Home Fires, Downton Abbey, The Shadow Line and Vera.

Clare Keelan plays Ursula

The Family Pile - ITV
Clare Keelan in The Family Pile. ITV

Who is Ursula? Not much has been revealed about Ursula but as her and her sisters help to tidy away her parent's belongings, she happens to uncover a dark secret of her father's. Will she reveal all to her sisters?

What else has Clare Keelan been in? Keelan has played the leading roles of Claire Ashcroft in Nathan Barley and Electroclash in No Heroics. She has also appeared in an episode of Channel 4's Black Mirror back in 2013, as well as Cold Feet.

Kieran O'Brien plays Stuart

The Family Pile - ITV
Kieran O'Brien in The Family Pile. ITV

Who is Stuart? Stuart is Nicole's husband and father to Connor.

What else has Kieran O'Brien been in? O'Brien previously starred in 9 Songs, Years and Years, Chernobyl, Andor and Ted Lasso.

Richard Pepple plays Austin

The Family Pile - ITV
Richard Pepple in The Family Pile. ITV

Who is Austin? The specifics of Austin's character are yet to be revealed but we can guarantee that he is partner to one of the sisters.

What else has Richard Pepple been in? Pepple has been in a variety of roles including parts in The Rig, Bridgerton, Gangs of London, The Long Song and COBRA.

James Nelson-Joyce plays Greg

The Family Pile - ITV
James Nelson-Joyce in The Family Pile. ITV

Who is Greg? Greg is Gaynor's husband and father to Poppy.

What else has James Nelson-Joyce been in? Nelson-Joyce has starred in BBC hit drama Time, The Responder, Safe, The Outlaws and Industry.

The Family Pile airs on ITV1 on Tuesday 17th January at 9:30pm. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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