I Hate Suzie returns for its second season, I Hate Suzie Too, with Billie Piper once again throwing herself into the frantic world of former child star Suzie Pickles.


In the three-part follow-up, she has a new agent, a new PR and a new job on Dance Crazee, a reality TV competition on which she "dances for likes".

But behind the scenes, her personal life is spiralling as she "battles" her ex-husband Cob while trying to keep life as stable as possible for her son.

Alongside Piper, there are a number of familiar faces from season 1, plus a handful of new characters.

Read on for a full rundown of the I Hate Suzie Too cast.

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I Hate Suzie Too cast

Billie Piper plays Suzie

Suzie sat down in her dressing room looking at herself in the mirror
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Suzie Pickles? In season 1, Suzie's phone was hacked and her intimate photos were leaked, revealing her affair and turning her world upside down.

In season 2, she has a new job on reality TV show Dance Crazee in the hope of rehabilitating her public image while also trying to manage the fallout from her divorce.

Where have I seen Billie Piper before? Her CV includes Doctor Who, ITV2 drama Secret Diary of a Girl Call, Rare Beasts, BBC drama Collateral and horror drama Penny Dreadful.

Leila Farzad plays Naomi

Naomi talking on the phone
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Naomi Jones? Suzie's "estranged" best pal and former agent who steps in to help her manage the situation with Cob. In season 1, their professional relationship caused a rupture in their friendship.

Where have I seen Leila Farzad before? You might have watched her in The Fear Index with Josh Hartnett, and she also appeared in an episode of This Time with Alan Partridge.

Daniel Ings plays Cob

Cob smoking a cigarette while leaning in a car window
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Cob? Suzie's ex-husband. "I just want you to know that I will never f**king forgive you and I will make your life a living hell from now on forever," he says to her at the end of season 1.

Where have I seen Daniel Ings before? He has appeared in sitcom Lovesick, US police procedural Instinct, Netflix's The English Game and BritBox's Why Didn't They Ask Evans?, among others.

Douglas Hodge plays Bailey Quinn

Bailey lying on the sofa with a glass of wine opposite Suzie
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Bailey Quinn? He was also married to Suzie. He's a musician who is also a contestant on Dance Crazee. Despite their split, the pair are still on good terms.

Where have I seen Douglas Hodge before? His credits include period drama The Great, Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe, Black Mirror's Black Museum and Joker, among others.

Lorraine Ashbourne plays Karen

Karen sat on a chair in Bailey's kitchen with a confused look on her face
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Karen? Suzie's mum. She loves Karen, but also finds her frustrating.

Where have I seen Lorraine Ashbourne before? Her credits include BBC drama Sherwood, Netflix's Bridgerton, BBC comedy Alma's Not Normal and season 2 of crime drama Unforgotten.

Anastasia Hille plays Sian Bellingham

Sian looking at the camera
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Sian Bellingham? Suzie's new agent. The pair lock horns over media strategy.

Where have I seen Anastasia Hille before? Her credits include BBC dramas The Missing and Baptiste, Welsh drama Keeping Faith, ITV drama The Ipcress File and BBC/Netflix drama Wanderlust.

Omari Douglas plays Holland Fitz-Henry

Holland staring at the camera
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Holland Fitz-Henry? Suzie's new PR.

"It felt like being thrown into the madness," said Omari Douglas of his experience making the show. "The one shot sequences that we did were wild. And I loved it.

"It was good to lean into the chaos of those situations, to literally run around the studio. It felt very unique to be in that process."

Where have I seen Omari Douglas before? He starred as Roscoe in Channel 4's groundbreaking drama It's a Sin.

Elle Piper plays Archie

Archie sat down in Bailey's kitchen
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Archie? Suzie's sister. In season 2, Suzie is staying in Archie's spare room following her split from Cob.

Where have I seen Elle Piper before? This is her only TV credit.

Fred Fergus (Intergalactic) plays Archie's boyfriend Shane.

Layton Williams plays Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson stood on stage with a microphone
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Adam Jackson? The stylish, confident presenter of Dance Crazee.

Where have I seen Layton Williams before? He's best known for his role as Stephen Carmichael in Jack Whitehall's Bad Education. He also played the lead in musical Everybody's Talking About Jamie.

Blake Harrison plays Danny Carno

Danny dressed in a captain's uniform
Tom Beard / Sky UK Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Danny Carno? A footballer-turned-Twitch streamer who is also a contestant on Dance Crazee.

Chatting to RadioTimes.com, Blake Harrison said: "From a practical point of view, the biggest difference to most of the other projects [I’ve done] was the dancing – the fact that we had a few weeks of dance rehearsals and then had to, on the day, perform the dances flat out, multiple times, really going for it. It was exhausting but so much fun to do. I got so much joy from the dancing."

Where have I seen Blake Harrison before? He's best known for his role as Neil in The Inbetweeners. You may also recognise him from BBC drama World on Fire and The Great.

Phil Daniels plays Phil

Phil with his hands clasped while laughing
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Phil? Suzie's dad. She is perennially irritated by him.

Where have I seen Phil Daniels before? You might have watched him in Quadrophenia, EastEnders, House of the Dragon, Strictly Come Dancing or the video for Blur's Parklife.

Ambika Mod plays Una Finch

Suzie following Una backstage
Tom Beard / Sky UK

Who is Una Finch? One of the Dance Crazee crew members.

Where have I seen Ambika Mod before? She played Shruti Acharya in Adam Kay's This Is Going to Hurt.

Other cast members include:

  • Matthew Jordan-Caws as Frank, Suzie's son.
  • Shannon Hayes (Undercover), Angela Sant'Albano (The Nevers), Reza Diako (Tehran), Yaz Zadeh (I May Destroy You) and Wendy Roe as Suzie's fellow Dance Crazee contestants.
  • Bessie Carter (Bridgerton) and Jolyon Coy (Mr Selfridge) play Suzie's lawyers Poppy Hunter and Tim Oldman.

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