The Responder fans, assemble: filming on the second season of the hit BBC drama has kicked off in Liverpool.


Season 1 landed to rave reviews back in January 2022, as starred Martin Freeman as Chris Carson, a frontline police officer from Liverpool on the verge of a mental health crisis due to the stress of his job.

Freeman will reprise his role as Carson in the new run of episodes, alongside Adelayo Adedayo as rookie cop Rachel Hargreaves, while fans can also look forward to a host of new faces.

Teasing what's to come in The Responder season 2, creator and writer Tony Schumacher previously told "These characters have grown and the situations have changed slightly. Where they live has changed slightly. Everything has just shifted.

"I want them to do new things and move forward."

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So, what do we know about the show's return? Here is everything we know so far about The Responder season 2.

The Responder season 2 release date speculation

An official release date is yet to be confirmed for The Responder season 2.

However, given that filming has kicked off, we shouldn't have too long to wait.

Schumacher previously told that he was "hoping to start filming in September, all being well", adding: "And then we'll carry over for about three months, four months, and then it's in the hands of the BBC [in terms of] when it goes out. But sooner rather than later, I hope."

This would mean fans could expect a 2024 release date.

The BBC confirmed in Radio Times magazine back in March 2022 that The Responder will be back for a second season.

Ahead of the series's premiere, Freeman and Schumacher seemed enthusiastic about the idea of follow-up seasons.

Martin Freeman stars in The Responder wearing a police uniform, looking concerned
Martin Freeman will return for The Responder season 2. BBC

"I set out to write Fawlty Towers – just get out while the going’s good and just go," said Schumacher. "And yet we ended up with a story that naturally has stayed alive and we can take it to other places.

"And personally, I’m just excited to even think about exploring that... So if it happens, it might not, but if it did, it would be exciting just to see where we can take it."

Freeman concurred, saying that he'd "love to do it again", while co-star Warren Brown later told that there had indeed been "murmurs" of a follow-up but there was "nothing set in stone".

In a poll shared to Twitter, now X, after The Responder finale's terrestrial broadcast, more than two-thirds of viewers said they would like to see the show return, so there was certainly a demand for more episodes.

The Responder season 2 cast

Adelayo Adedayo in The Responder wearing a police uniform, standing by a police car
Adelayo Adedayo in The Responder. BBC

Fans of The Responder will be pleased to hear that Martin Freeman will reprise his role of Chris Carson.

Meanwhile, Adelayo Adedayo will return as rookie cop Rachel Hargreaves, Warren Brown as Raymond Mullen, MyAnna Buring as Kate Carson, Emily Fairn as Casey and Josh Finan as Marco.

Meanwhile, Philip S McGuinness will reprise his role as Ian, while Faye McKeever will be back as Jodie, and Mark Womack will return as Barry.

New additions to the season 2 cast include Adam Nagaitis (Chernobyl), Bernard Hill (Wolf Hall) and Ian Puleston-Davies (Tin Star), though fans will have to wait for more information on their roles.

The Responder season 2 plot: What could happen?

Warren Brown in The Responder wearing a dark coat sitting on a sofa
Warren Brown in The Responder. BBC

Season 2 will pick up six months after the end of season 1, with Chris attempting to rebuild his life and relationships all while still dealing with the relentless trauma of being a night response officer.

"Rachel Hargreaves is putting her life back together too," the official synopsis adds.

"She’s still fuming at the way Chris broke her dreams of being a police officer and dragged her down with him into the dirt, and now she’s desperately trying to take control of a life and a career that sometimes feels like it’s slipping away.

"But after working with a succession of 'normal' coppers, Rachel is starting to realise she’s got more in common with Chris than she’d ever want to admit."

Season 2 is also likely to delve further into Chris's bitter rivalry with Ray Mullen, whose devious attempt to bring down Chris backfired spectacularly in season 1, ultimately costing him his family and career.

We last see the character seeming like a shell of himself, but it's debatable whether the look on his face is one of genuine remorse or a thirst for revenge.

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Is there a The Responder season 2 trailer?

Martin Freeman in The Responder wearing a dark jacket and blue hoodie
Martin Freeman in The Responder. BBC

Not yet, unfortunately!

But don't worry, we will be sure to update this page as soon as we know more.

The Responder is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guideto find out what's on.


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