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How to watch Peter Kay's Car Share - what’s it about and who’s in the cast?

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson star in this commuter-comedy

Car Share
Published: Tuesday, 8th October 2019 at 6:02 pm

Starring Peter Kay and Sian Gibson, Peter Kay’s Car Share is a BBC sitcom following two supermarket co-workers who car share on their commute. It's a simple, well scripted sitcom, set almost entirely in the car.


Where can I watch Peter Kay's Car Share?

The sitcom is available on Amazon Prime Video and is purchasable on DVD.

What is Peter Kay’s Car Share about?

Supermarket assistant manager John (Peter Kay) and promotions rep Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) share their daily commute to work in John's Fiat 500L.

Almost every scene is set in the car and the script wrings plenty of humour from the close confines and the pair's discussions of the minutiae of life. However, as John and Kayleigh begin to slowly peel back the layers of each others' personalities, a romance slowly blossoms.

Kay told the BBC: “The idea of two people car sharing to work each day really appealed to me, as it highlights the comedy in the minutiae of the daily trek and allows the spiralling conversations of life to unwind in all of their glory."

How many series of Peter Kay's Car Share are there?

There are two full series’ of Peter Kay’s Car Share and a two-part special the rounds things off.

How many episodes of Peter Kay's Car Share are there?

Including the specials there are 12 episodes of Car Share.

Where is Peter Kay's Car Share filmed and set?

The sitcom was both based and filmed in and around Manchester.

Who wrote Peter Kay's Car Share?

Originally created by Tim Reid and Paul Coleman, Kay and Gibson finessed and re-wrote the script themselves so that their characters felt more authentic.


When did Peter Kay's Car Share first air?

The first series of Car Share was broadcast in April 2017.


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