Ghosts co-creator Laurence Rickard has teased what fans can expect to see in the upcoming Christmas special – including the return of a previously established character.


The beloved BBC sitcom is winding down after five seasons with this year's festive episode billed as the last ever, with viewers wildly speculating on how exactly Button House will close its doors.

Last night's season 5 finale ended in dramatic fashion, as Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) considered selling up over a dark secret. Fortunately, their minds were changed by a passionate speech – from Julian (Simon Farnaby), of all people.

To mark the launch of the official tie-in book Ghosts: The Button House Archives, series co-creator Laurence Rickard spoke to about what to expect from the last episode – starting with the tone.

"The joy of being able to do it in this way and kind of end twice is that you get to scratch that [dramatic] itch a bit at the end of season 5, so that you can do something that's tonally slightly different [in the special]," he explained.

Rickard, who plays both caveman Robin and beheaded nobleman Sir Humphrey Bone, went on to drop hints about the episode's storyline – including the return of a familiar face – and those fateful final scenes.

"I think certainly the final three or four minutes will be quite unexpected," he continued. "And it's possible we'll get to see a character that we've had before again and there's certainly a step change very early on – something that we haven't done before in the show.

The cast of Ghosts stand around Julian (Simon Farnaby), who is seated in the middle and reading something off the palm of his hand
Lolly Adefope, Jim Howick, Ben Willbond, Simon Farnaby, Mathew Baynton and Martha Howe-Douglas in Ghosts

"One of the things we always hope that we do is keep things fresh and that we're never retreading the format, so hopefully it will still feel like we're doing things that we haven't done before right up until that final furlong."

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Rickard added: "It's terrifying, though – it does feel very emotional. I know I'm going to be affected by it even though, obviously for us, it finished nine months ago, I think seeing it go out will be quite an emotional moment."

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In another exclusive interview for The Button House Archives, co-creator Mathew Baynton confirmed that himself and Jim Howick are the credited writers on the final episode.

"But everyone's work goes into every script," he hastened to add.

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