Emily in Paris fans, prepare for more laughter, romance and drama: season 3 has landed.


From the creator of Sex and the City, the Netflix comedy stars Lily Collins as an American marketing executive who lands her dream job in the French capital, but is soon distracted by various romantic interests.

The 10-part series boasts a stellar cast, stunning shots of Paris and an excellent soundtrack, which is full of upbeat French tracks to mirror the action.

From classics like Edith Piaf's La Vie en Rose, to modern indie songs from the likes of pop group Husbands' Dream, there is plenty to get your teeth stuck into.

While we await the fourth season, which has already been confirmed, here's everything you need to know about Emily in Paris' season 3 soundtrack – including a full list of all the songs featured in the show, as well as the scenes in which they're played.

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Emily in Paris soundtrack

Episode 1

'Afterglow' – Chelsea Jade
When Emily runs in Chicago.

'Ce soir' – Kumisolo
As Emily arrives in Paris

'Summer in Paris' – Oliver Charles Horton, Garo Nahoulakian and Bea Parks
While Emily carries her bags up to her new flat

'Lunatique' – Stereo Total
As Emily takes her first selfie in Paris and arrives at Savoir for the first time

'Real Good Time' – Nada Funk
Emily orders a croissant from her local bakery

'The Break' – Etella
Emily tries to make lunch plans with her new colleagues

'Aujourd'hui' – Henning Specht
When Emily meets Mindy

'Rumours' – Alan Fitzpatrick
Emily strolls Paris

'Ce sera bien' – Nicole Louvier
Emily bumps into Luc

'Christine' – Juniore
Emily's first night in Paris

'La Paix' – Barbagallo
Emily short-circuits her whole building by charging her vibrator

Episode 2

'Dans La Radio (Futuro Pelo Remix)' – Jacques
Emily runs in Paris

'Je suis (Tu hais)' – KIZ
Emily accidentally steps in dog muck

'Where Is My Ego? (Dim Sum Remix)' – Husbands
Emily arrives at the Maison Lavaux party

'Is It Funk?' – Trunkline
Antoine chats to Emily

'Remedy' – DATAvBÄSS
The end of the party

'Dream' – Husbands
Emily goes shopping at a Paris market

'Time' – EllaHarp
Emily breaks up with her boyfriend

'Again' – The George Kaplan Conspiracy
Emily takes a picture of the rain

'Bunga Bunga' – Nous Non Plus
Brigitte Macron retweets Emily's tweet

'Standing in This Dream' – My Dear
Emily shares a toast with her colleagues

Episode 3

'Magnifique' – Emily in Paris
Emily runs in Paris

'Big Future' – Obliques
Emily washes her hair in a bidet

'Vers les tombes' – Chevalrex
Emily meets Gabriel at his restaurant

'Rouge Soleil' – Ravages
Emily receives a rather intimate present

Episode 4

'Love in Suburbia' – Danny Connors
Emily visits her local flower stand

'Cyclop' – Exsonvaldes & Helena Miquel
Emily posts a photo with her roses

'Je Ne Said Pas Pourquoi' – Cyril Giroux Feat. Chloé Lacan
Gabriel helps Emily with her packages

'Let's Always Stay in Love' – Meghan Smith
Emily arrives at work

'L'amour' – Selectracks
Emily and Mindy arrive at the art gallery

'Mango Tango' – Werner Tautz
Emily talks to Randy Zimmer

'Ce Soir Je M'en Vais' – Slove Feat. Maud Geffray
Emily gets a restaurant reservation

'Saint Germain' – AMAURY LOUVET
Emily and her colleagues eat at Gabriel's restaurant

'Pretty Boy' – Cavale
Emily says goodnight to Gabriel

'Le Temps Est Bon' – Isabelle Pierre
Emily bumps into Camille

Episode 5

'Rendez Vous' – La Plage
Emily arrives at work

'Je Ne Said Pas Pourquoi' – Cyril Giroux Feat. Chloé Lacan
Emily creates an Instagram post at the Durée event

'Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher' – Muguette
Emily, Camille and Gabriel head out for the evening

'Keep It Close To Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)' – Yumi Zouma
Emily and Gabriel speak at the Vincent van Gough exhibit

'Amour Dans Le Motu' – La Femme
Emily and Mindy take Emily's Instagram out for one last spin

'Diving' – Art School Girlfriend
Gabriel and Emily walk up the stairs of their flat building

'Touche-Moi' – Stereo Total
Ending music

Episode 6

'Chandelier' – Sia
The song Mindy sings in her Chinese Popstar audition

'Bien Que Paris Sois Gris' – Selectracks
Emily sits in a cafe

'Girls Pop' – Tele Music
Emily brings Thomas back to her flat

'La vie en rose' – Édith Piaf
The song Mindy sings in the park

'Poly' – Neutron
Emily arrives at the ballet

'Pas de Six (6), Act III, No. 19 from Swan Lake – Westar Classical Music WCM 09: Passion & Romance
Emily runs up the stairs

'Dance of the Cygnets' – Swan Lake
Emily speaks with Pierre Cadault

'Espiègle' – Tchaikovsky
Emily and Sylvie chat

Episode 7

'Loin De Toi' – Cyril Giroux Feat. Chloé Lacan
Emily walks through Paris

'Goodnight Little Empire' – Madonnatron
Emily arrives at Brooklyn Clark's hotel

'Mister Syncope' – Bikini Machine
Brooklyn Clark picks out clothes

'Hit Sale' – Therapie TAXI Feat. Roméo Elvis
Emily and Gabriel ride on a motorcycle through Paris

'La route' – Juniore
Episode ends

Episode 8

'Le Zou' – Hyperclean
Emily, Camille and Gabriel travel to Camille's family home

'Yéyé St-Tropez' – Claire Marcelle
Emily cycles around Champagne

'Paris Tropical' – Minuit
Emily and Timothee spend the night together

'Une Évasion' – Laure Briard
Emily packs her bags

'Viens La' – Clare and Olivier Manchon
Episode ends

Episode 9

'C'est Si Bon' – Eartha Kitt
Emily visits the art gallery

'Let's Go To Work' – Electro Deluxe
Emily visits Grey Space

'Atrocities' – Antony and The Johnsons
Emily visits Pierre

'Bad Dreams'
End of episode

Episode 10

'Let's Always Stay in Love' – Meaghan Smith
Opening of episode

'Mes amis' – Selectracks
Emily takes a trip on a boat

'Paris-Rome' – Massimo Guadalupi
Emily finds Camille and Gabriel arguing

'Pulse' – The Venice Connection
Emily arrives at work

'Burst Into Flames' – Cavale
Emily drinks wine

'De Profundis (Ni Fleurs, Ni Couronnes)' – Delphine Volange
Emily walks through Paris

'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien' – Edith Piaf
Episode ends

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