ITV comedy Changing Ends, which follows the younger years of comedian and presenter Alan Carr, is set to air on ITV1 tonight (Tuesday 16th April).


The six-part autobiographical series first became available on ITVX last year, with calling it "a delightful exploration of Alan Carr's teenage years that's both moving and hilarious" in our review.

Set against the backdrop of Thatcher's '80s Britain, it follows young Alan (played by Oliver Savell) as he navigates a new school, friendships and sexual awakenings, as well as exploring his relationship with his father - the well-known fourth division football club manager Graham Carr.

So, who else stars in the series alongside Savell and does Alan Carr himself appear? Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Changing Ends on ITVX.

Changing Ends cast: Full list of actors and characters in ITVX and ITV1 comedy

The series features Alan Carr and Oliver Savell, who leads the comedy series as young Alan. The full list of actors and characters in the Changing Ends cast is as follows. Read on for more information on the main cast.

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  • Alan Carr as present day Alan Carr
  • Oliver Savell as young Alan
  • Shaun Dooley as Graham Carr
  • Nancy Sullivan as Christine Carr
  • Taylor Fay as Gary Carr
  • Rourke Mooney as Charlie
  • Gabby Best as Angela
  • Harry Peacock as Nigel
  • David Mumeni as Mr Chapman
  • Michael Socha as Adam
  • Samantha Baines as Fiona
  • Matthew Stagg as Mandy
  • Logan Matthews as Leslie
  • Colin Salmon as Ron
  • Cariad Lloyd as Miss Gideon
  • Dotty Davies as Kay
  • Michael Socha as Adam
  • Nitin Ganatra

Alan Carr as present day Alan Carr

Changing Ends - ITVX
Changing Ends ITV

Alan Carr doesn't really need any introduction as the beloved comedian and TV presenter is at the helm of some of the schedule's favourites. The broadcaster and writer is the oldest son of Graham and Christine Carr and has been on countless successful shows including co-hosting The Friday Night Project and Alan Carr: Chatty Man, as a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race UK and, more recently, as host of Interior Design Masters.

He stars in Changing Ends as his present-day self, giving hilarious asides about the context and stories of his childhood. Carr also co-wrote the series with Simon Carlyle.

Shaun Dooley as Graham Carr

Changing Ends - Shaun Dooley
Changing Ends - Shaun Dooley ITV

Who is Graham Carr? Graham is Alan's no-nonsense father who doesn't quite understand his son and just wishes for him to be "normal", as he often puts it. He's a stressed out fourth division football manager who is widely known within their small town and who Alan strives to be more like.

Where have I seen Shaun Dooley? The actor and voice-over artist has appeared in a variety of things over the course of his career including early roles in Coronation Street and Eastenders. He has also starred in It's A Sin, Gentleman Jack, Innocent, Doctor Who and narrates SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Oliver Savell as young Alan

Oliver Savell as young Alan wearing a pink scarf and ear muffs with his school uniform
Oliver Savell as young Alan. ITV

Who is young Alan? As real-life Carr states in the trailer for the series, "there was a time before I was a national treasure". In the series, we follow young Alan as he navigates "big school" and all the challenges that come with it, including hiding the identity of his father, forging new friendships and realising that difference isn't a bad thing.

Where have I seen Oliver Savell? The rising star is reason enough to tune into the new comedy series, but as for where people may have seen him before, Savell has starred in 2021 award-winning film Belfast as Ronnie Boyd.

Rourke Mooney as Charlie

Changing Ends - ITVX
Changing Ends - ITVX ITV

Who is Charlie? Charlie is Alan's neighbour and childhood friend who is changing up his attitude going into secondary school, but tries to remain a friend of Alan's despite his mother trying to keep him away from him.

Where have I seen Rourke Mooney? Changing Ends marks the first recurring major TV role for Mooney, who has also appeared in The Gold.

Gabby Best as Angela

Changing Ends - ITVX
Changing Ends - ITVX ITV

Who is Angela? Angela is Charlie's mother. The series opens with her having a not-so-nice interaction with Alan, as she has negative thoughts about the youngster's sexuality.

Where have I seen Gabby Best? The award-winning comedian, actress and writer has starred in There She Goes, Dreamland and Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, as well as having had regular roles in BBC Three's Top Coppers and Comedy Central's Gods of the Game.

Nancy Sullivan as Christine Carr

Changing Ends - Nancy Sullivan standing in a doorway with a boy
Changing Ends - Nancy Sullivan. ITV

Who is Christine Carr? Christine is Graham's mother. While she knows that her son isn't quite like the rest of the boys in Northampton, she never makes him feel different, and is always his trusty gossiping partner.

Where have I seen Nancy Sullivan? The British actress and singer has had roles in Call the Midwife and After Life, but is perhaps best known for stage performances which include Les Misérables as Eponine.

Harry Peacock as Nigel

Changing Ends - ITVX
Changing Ends - ITVX ITV

Who is Nigel? Nigel is Angela's husband and Charlie's father who shares many of the same thoughts as his wife when it comes to their son and Alan's friendship.

Where have I seen Harry Peacock? Peacock is perhaps best known for his recurring role in Toast of London, but has had a variety of roles in shows like The Bill, The Kennedys, Porridge and Doctor Who, to name a few.

Cariad Lloyd as Miss Gideon

Changing Ends - ITVX
Changing Ends - ITVX ITV

Who is Miss Gideon? Miss Gideon is the drama teacher at Alan's new school that seems to unlock something within him and makes him feel capable of being a star.

Where have I seen Cariad Lloyd? Lloyd has starred in Alan Partridge, Murder in Successville and Peep Show, but has also appeared on Have I Got News For You, Would I Lie To You and Qi.

Changing Ends will air on ITV1 at 8:30pm on Tuesday 16th April. It is also available to stream on ITVX.


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