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Drama from the Dales


Episode 9103: 19/07/2021


Meena meddles. Laurel helps Nicola for her date night, and Tracy is trying to get on top of things.


During the initial stages of a reign of terror, a soap serial killer is usually to be found wrestling with their conscience and agonising over the heinous acts they’re having to commit. Chillingly, Meena had no such qualms when she tipped Leanna over the village’s humpbacked bridge the other week. In fact, there was something close to delight on her face as she skipped away from the murder scene.

Now, still blithely lacking in empathy, Meena will be seen playing mind games with Leanna’s grieving dad Liam and convincing him to clear out his dead daughter’s belongings. No doubt someone will soon work out that Meena’s a psychopath – at which point, they’ll probably be casually done in, too.

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Aaron DingleDanny Miller
Al ChapmanMichael Wildman
Amba MetcalfeAva Jayasinghe
Amy WyattNatalie Ann Jamieson
Amelia SpencerDaisy Campbell
Andrea TateAnna Nightingale
Angelica KingRebecca Bakes
April WindsorAmelia Flanagan
Archie BreckleKai Assi
Arthur ThomasAlfie Clarke
Bear WolfJoshua Richards
Belle DingleEden Taylor-Draper
Bernice BlackstockSamantha Giles
Billy FletcherJay Kontzle
Bob HopeTony Audenshaw
Brenda WalkerLesley Dunlop
Cain DingleJeff Hordley
Carl HollidayCharlie Joyce
Cathy HopeGabrielle Dowling
Charity DingleEmma Atkins
Charles AndersonKevin Mathurin
Chas DingleLucy Pargeter
Dan SpencerLiam Fox
David MetcalfeMatthew Wolfenden
Dawn TaylorOlivia Bromley
Diane SugdenElizabeth Estensen
Dotty ThomasTilly Rue Foster
Ellis ChapmanAaron Anthony
Elliot WindsorLuca Hoyle
Eric PollardChristopher Chittell
Ethan AndersonEmile John
Faith DingleSally Dexter
Gabby ThomasRosie Bentham
Harriet FinchKatherine Dow Blyton
Heath HopeSebastian Dowling
Isaac DingleBobby Dunsmuir
Jacob GallagherJoe-Warren Plant
Jai SharmaChristopher Bisson
Jamie TateAlexander Lincoln
Jimmy KingNick Miles
Johnny WoodfieldLuca Myron Hebda
Juliette HollidayAmelia Curtis
Kerry WyattLaura Norton
Kim TateClaire King
Kyle WinchesterHuey Quinn
Laurel ThomasCharlotte Bellamy
Leanna CavanaghMimi Slinger
Leo GoskirkHarvey Rogerson
Leyla HardingRoxy Shahidi
Liam CavanaghJonny McPherson
Liv FlahertyIsobel Steele
Lucas TaylorDexter Ansell
Luke PosnerMax Parker
Lydia DingleKaren Blick
Mackenzie BoydLawrence Robb
Mandy DingleLisa Riley
Manpreet SharmaRebecca Sarker
Marlon DingleMark Charnock
Matty BartonAsh Palmisciano
Meena JutlaPaige Sandhu
Millie TateWillow Bell
Moira DingleNatalie J Robb
Moses DingleArthur Cockroft
Nate RobinsonJurell Carter
Nicola KingNicola Wheeler
Noah DingleJack Downham
Paddy DingleDominic Brunt
Pearl LadderbanksMeg Johnson
Priya KotechaFiona Wade
Rhona GoskirkZoe Henry
Rishi SharmaBhasker Patel
Rodney BlackstockPatrick Mower
Ryan StocksJames Moore
Sam DingleJames Hooton
Samson DingleSam Hall
Sarah SugdenKatie Hill
Tracy MetcalfeAmy Walsh
Vanessa WoodfieldMichelle Hardwick
Victoria SugdenIsabel Hodgins
Vinny DingleBradley Johnson
Wendy PosnerSusan Cookson
Will TaylorDean Andrews
Zak DingleSteve Halliwell


DirectorBrett Fallis
Executive producerJane Hudson
ProducerKate Brooks
ProducerLaura Shaw
WriterCaroline Mitchell

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