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Get big brands for less with the new Certified Refurbished hub on eBay

Everything you need to know about buying Certified Refurbished on eBay.

EBay Certified Refurbished

The big tech brands are always finding ways to make their latest products more innovative and cram in higher-spec cameras, brighter HD displays and more powerful processors.


All of this comes at a price, though and top-of-the-range smartphones, laptops, and TVs regularly surpass the £1,000 mark, which can leave many of us feeling like we can’t afford the best.

Buying refurbished products is a great way to get around this and provides a more sustainable alternative to always buying new, but this can come with its own set of worries about the product’s condition, missing accessories or manuals or no opportunity to return it if you change your mind.

While eBay has always been the first stop for many to get cheap, refurbished products, the retailer has taken it a step further with its new Certified Refurbished hub.

The new Certified Refurbished programme from eBay tackles these justified concerns head-on. It offers ‘like-new’ products from big names such as Apple, Philips and Dyson – all approved by the manufacturer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Certified Refurbished hub on eBay.

What does Certified Refurbished mean on eBay?

Certified Refurbished is a new scheme set up by eBay to provide you with products from big brands at discounted prices.

Products on this scheme have to fulfil a strict set of guidelines, including the product having little to no damage and being restored by a manufacturer-approved refurbisher.

Any products bought via the scheme will also be delivered free of charge to Mainland UK and arrive with everything you’d expect from accessories to manuals and original or new packaging.

Who refurbishes the Certified Refurbished products?

To qualify for being sold with the Certified Refurbished stamp, the products need to be restored by the manufacturer or a manufacturer-approved vendor.

Any product sold as Certified Refurbished is inspected, cleaned and refurbished before being sold. This ensures that the product is ‘like-new’.

All sellers also offer a minimum 12-month guarantee on Certified Refurbished items so that you can shop with confidence.

This is different to Seller Refurbished on eBay, where the products with that label are inspected, cleaned and refurbished by the seller or third party.

What brands are included?

There is a range of big brands available via Certified Refurbished. If it’s tech you’re after, you can get ‘like-new’ products from the likes of Apple, DELL, Philips, Lenovo, Marshall and ASUS. This covers everything from smartphones and headphones to laptops and TVs.

Elsewhere, you can also deck out your kitchen, garden and bedroom with brands such as Russell Hobbs, Dyson, Simba Mattresses, Flymo, Tefal, George Foreman and Krups coffee machines.

The full range of brands currently available can be found on the Certified Refurbished hub on eBay.

How much cheaper are Certified Refurbished products?

eBay certified refurbished iPhone 11

With Certified Refurbished products, you can save up to 30 per cent off the RRP. For example, an iPhone 11 currently retails for about £599, but on the Certified Refurbished hub, you can get the phone for just £459.95. That’s a saving of £139 or 23 per cent off.

Buy Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) for £459.95 at eBay


There’s also a good variety of laptops available on eBay, which can be a great option if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful device to get some work (or homeschooling) done on.

This HP Chromebook is just £389.99 via Certified Refurbished, saving 22 per cent or over £100 off its usual RRP. Features include a 14-inch touchscreen, a flexible multi-design and USB-C and micro-SD card slots.

Buy HP Chromebook for £389.99 at eBay

Philips TV

If you’re looking for bigger tech products, there’s a range of Certified Refurbished TVs, too. This 50-inch Philips TV is a great find. Featuring Ambilight, the 4K Ultra HD TV creates a more immersive experience by extending the picture with three-sided lights around the screen.

With an RRP of £500, the 50-inch TV is just £369.99 on the Certified Refurbished hub. That’s a saving of over £130 or 26 per cent.

Buy Philips 50-inch smart 4K TV for £369.99 at eBay

What is the returns policy for Certified Refurbished products?

If you change your mind after buying a Certified Refurbished product from eBay, you have 30 days to return the item.

All Certified Refurbished products are also backed by a Money Back Guarantee from eBay. This means that if the product isn’t as described or doesn’t arrive, you can get your money back, no problem.


For more information on how Certified Refurbished works, or to start shopping, head to the eBay website.