One thing about games from the 90s is that they could be wicked hard and such is the case with some of the missions in Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster so we’ve gathered all the cheat codes and explained how to use them to help you get by.


There’s absolutely no shame in it either as the game is fast approaching the three-decade mark and no one could blame you if you’ve spent a significant portion of your life stuck on the infamous sewer level.

While it’s nice to revisit Star Wars games of yore, do check out all the upcoming Star Wars games too as there’s plenty to be excited about – though a little less now that the Respawn Mandalorian FPS game has been cancelled as part of industry layoffs.

But for the here and now, we must press on and bring you all the juiciest cheats found in the seminal Dark Forces. Read on!

How to use cheats in Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster

If you want to use cheats in Star Wars Dark Forces Remastered, it will slightly differ depending on what platform you’re playing on.

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On PlayStation, press the start button and on Xbox, press the menu button (the one with three lines), scroll down to Enter Cheat Code and enter the code you want.

On PC, it works in much the same way in the escape menu.

Cheats do not disable achievements in any way so you’ll be able to get some pretty easy trophies from the game if you’re finding it too difficult or just want to mess about. Achievements pertaining to unlocking certain items will still require you to find them in the game.

Full list of Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster cheat codes

Below are all the cheats for Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster that will work on each platform.

  • LAIMLAME – God mode
  • LAPOSTAL – Get all weapons with max ammo, health, shields, energy
  • LAUNLOCK – Get all keys and codes
  • LABRADY – Get max ammo
  • LAMAXOUT – Give yourself all keys, codes, weapons, max health, shields and energy
  • LACDS – See the full map
  • LASKIP – Instantly skip the level
  • LAREDLITE – Freeze enemies in place
  • LAPOGO – Makes you able to jump very high
  • LABUG – Makes you very small
  • LAOPS – Makes the game run very fast
  • LARANDY – Makes all your weapons more powerful
  • LADATA – Gives you your current map coordinates
  • LANTFH – Teleport to your map marker
  • LASECBASE – Secret Base
  • LATALAY – Talay: Tak Base
  • LASEWERS – Anoat City
  • LATESTBASE – Research Facility
  • LAGROMAS – Gromas Mines
  • LADTENTION – Detention Center
  • LARAMSHED – Ramsees Hed
  • LAROBOTICS – Robotics Facility
  • LANARSHADA – Nar Shaddaa
  • LAJABSHIP – Jabba's Ship
  • LAIMPCITY – Imperial City
  • LAFUELSTAT – Fuel Station
  • LAEXECUTOR – The Executor
  • LAARC – The Arc Hammer

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