After some speculation, Bethesda and Nightdive Studios has released a Quake 2 remaster. Now everyone can play the gory sci-fi first-person shooter classic all over again with some fancy new features and graphics.


Quake 2 originally launched way back in 1997 and was developed by id Software and published by Activision on PC, N64 and the OG PlayStation.

Fast-forward to 2023 and, out of nowhere, the new version of the FPS classic has arrived filled with plenty of new bells and whistles.

Fans of the PC original and N64 editions will be pleased to know that this remaster includes reworked versions of both.

The addition of originally cut content, new levels and helpful tools, including a compass to help show you your way around levels, are all joining the shiny new graphics and a major new feature.

Fans are likely to be thrilled by the epic new addition of crossplay. That’s right: in this remastered version of Quake 2, full online crossplay is available. You can play with and against anyone, no matter what platform they’re gaming on.

Check it out in the trailer below:

Speaking of platforms, the Quake 2 remaster is available to buy right now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

All content and upgrades are in all versions of the game, but the Switch version appears to have an extra ace up its sleeve - motion control aiming. Those on PS4 and PS5 can activate SixAxis support, too.

In terms of price, Quake 2 remastered will set you back just £7.99. If you’d rather save a bit of money, though, you’ll be glad to learn that the Quake 2 remaster is also on Game Pass for both PC and Xbox.

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That’s a surprisingly cheap price for such a hefty remaster: Under a tenner for effectively two games with new and improved graphics, crossplay and new content.

The remaster has all the original levels plus the two original expansions - 'Mission Pack: The Reckoning' and 'Mission Pack: Ground Zero' - and a brand new expansion. 'Call of the Machine' is a fresh expansion developed by MachineGames (Wolfenstein: The New Colossus).

Call of the Machine adds a further 28 story levels in which you need to find and destroy the Strogg-Maker. It also adds a new multiplayer Deathmatch map.

This brings us to the multiplayer offerings, which consist of local and online co-op and PvP options. You can have up to 16 players online (from any console thanks to crossplay) and now the game offers bot support, too, so you can fill the ranks of missing real players with CPU ones.

Best of all, if your set-up supports it, you can play the game at 120Hz and in 4K. This is the ultimate way to play Quake 2.

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