Do you love turn-based strategy games? Do you love history? If you have answered yes to these questions, then you will likely need no introduction to Humankind, the highly-anticipated Sega game that will be releasing on PC in the near future.


Not only does this PC game let you explore history, but it also allows you to change it in various ways - it definitely feels like a game that we are sure to lose more time in than we'd care to admit.

And here's some exciting news for you - we've got a special pre-order deal that can get you 33 per cent off the price! If you use the code RADIOTIMES33 over on the Fanatical website, you can bring the price down from £47.99 to just £31.99. Not a bad saving at all!

For all that we know about Humankind so far, including what you will be able to play it on and when it is released, here are the details!

What is Humankind?

Allow us to tell you the official synopsis of the game, which paints a picture of a title that is not short on ambition when it comes to the scope it is aiming for: “Humankind is a historical strategy game, where you’ll be re-writing the entire narrative of human history and combining cultures to create a civilization that’s as unique as you are.”

Humankind release date

Not long to go now until we will be making our way through historical settings, as the Humankind game is set to be released in just a few weeks’ time – on August 17th 2021 to be precise. It'll be eating up your time from then onwards!

Can I get a special pre-order deal on Humankind?

Yes, you can! The folks at the online retailer Fanatical have given us a special 33 per cent off discount code. So if you go to the Fanatical website and use the code RADIOTIMES33 just before you check out, the price goes from £47.99 all the way down to £31.99. The deal will expire on 31st July 2021 at 11:59pm BST, so get your pre-order in before then if you want to save a few pounds.

Humankind gameplay

So, this is a turn-based strategy game and there will be 60 different historical cultures that you will be able to choose from. The aim of the game is to make unique combinations by blending them together – and you will alter history in the process.

Time will move from the Neolithic Era to the Contemporary Era and harvesting, farming and building up cities will be some of what takes up a great deal of your time.

Your progress is measured in ‘Fame’ and there are numerous ways you can increase yours that range from the likes of winning battles to locating the wonders of the world – it is a game that will take you a heck of a long time to run out of things to do! Take a look at the gameplay footage below for more insights.

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Which consoles and platforms can you get Humankind on?

If you only play on the traditional consoles, then you will be out of luck here, as Humankind is only currently set for release on Microsoft Windows PC, macOS and Stadia. It looks like Steam will be handling the PC release.

It remains to be seen whether that will eventually change at some point after the release, with consoles getting involved in the party, but we can’t say we’re holding our breath on that front. This genre is normally found on computers, after all.

Humankind trailer

Behold! Here is the latest trailer for the Humankind game, and if you want a taster of what you will be in for when you start playing, this should do the trick nicely.

And don't forget, until the end of July, you can get 33 per cent off the Humankind price when you use the code RADIOTIMES33 on the Fanatical website - so now is great to time order your copy if you haven't already!

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