If you've been playing the Halo Infinite campaign, you'll know it has loads of collectibles - there are Skulls, Spartan Cores, Forerunner Archives, Propaganda Towers, Mjolnir Lockers and various audio logs, with each different kind of collectible offering unique benefits for the players that find them.


It's worth noting that the Halo Infinite campaign missions all contain collectibles, and you can't currently replay any of those missions without restarting the entire game. The ability to replay levels will be added at a later date, though, which should make collectible-hunting a lot easier.

The full list of Halo Infinite campaign missions includes Warship Gbraakon, Foundation, Outpost Tremonius, The Tower, Excavation Site, Conservatory, Spire, Pelican Down, The Sequence, Nexus, The Command Spire, Repository, The Road, House of Reckoning and Silent Auditorium, and you'll want to make sure you search each area thoroughly before you move on.

If you're looking for tips on Halo Infinite collectibles, what they do and where to find them, read on for all of our handy tips that should help you complete your collection.

What do the different collectibles in Halo Infinite do?

There are heaps of Halo Infinite collectibles to find in its open world.
There are heaps of Halo Infinite collectibles to find in its open world. 343

There are a number of different collectibles and places to tick off in Halo Infinite, with each of these different things having their own benefits.

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The Halo Infinite achievements reward players that collect them all, and that's not the only reward you'll get if you take your collecting seriously. This list explains what all the different Halo Infinite collectibles do:

  • Mjolnir Lockers: Unlock cosmetic items like skins for the Halo Infinite multiplayer modes
  • Spartan Cores: Allow you to upgrade the Master Chief's gadgets in the campaign
  • Skulls: Enable cheats that tailor your game in unique and sometimes strange ways
  • UNSC Audio Logs (also referred to as Spartan audio logs): Give you insight into the lives and times of Master Chief's fallen comrades
  • Banished Audio Logs: Tell the other side of the story, offering a glimpse into the lives of the game's main villains
  • Forerunner Archives: Another set of audio logs. This one pertains to an ancient race
  • Propaganda Towers: A series of structures that blare out Banished propaganda. Shutting these down will stop the Grunt Communication Officer's quirky voice notes from playing all over the map

Halo Infinite Skull locations

There are 12 Skulls to be found in Halo Infinite, and they are some of the most tricksy collectibles in the game, with some of them lurking in the open world while others are locked away in the main story levels.

Seeing as you can't replay campaign levels at the moment, you'll want to know the Halo Infinite Skull locations before you start shooting your way through the story. Check out this video to see where all the Skulls are located in Halo Infinite:

Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations

There are said to be 45 Spartan Cores waiting to be found in Halo Infinite. Some of them will be very obviously presented to you as you progress through the main story, but others are hidden around the Halo Infinite open world map.

Handily, there is a very easy way to locate Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite's open world. All you need to do is capture the Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) that are littered around the map. Each time you capture an FOB, the locations of nearby Spartan Cores will be added to your map. Capture an FOB, check your map, set a custom waypoint and you should be able to find your next Spartan Core without much hassle.

Halo Infinite Mjolnir Locker locations

There are 34 Mjolnir Lockers to be found in Halo Infinite, and they shouldn't be too hard to find. As is the case with Spartan Cores (as we just discussed), Mjolnir Locker locations will be added to your map every time you capture an FOB. So if you're hunting for those natty multiplayer skins, your best bet is to hit as many FOBs as you can and then consult your in-game map for guidance.

Halo Infinite Propaganda Tower locations

Less of an actual collectible and more of a series of buildings for you to destroy, there are 40 Propaganda Towers for you to tackle if you really want to stop that chatty grunt from broadcasting his every whim. Check out the video below, which handily breaks up the map into some easy-to-understand areas, if you're struggling to find these towers:

Halo Infinite UNSC Audio Log, Banished Audio Log and Forerunner Archive locations

The three different kinds of Halo Infinite audio logs are dripping with lore, but trying to collect every single one of them can be quite daunting. Some of the UNSC and Banished logs are left in quite obvious places that the main story will take you to, while others are secreted in nooks around the map, and the Forerunner Archives are particularly tricky to locate.

We're still miles away from finding all of these Halo Infinite audio logs ourselves, but we do have one main tip at the moment. Every time you start a new campaign level, it's worth searching YouTube for a guide on the audio log locations in that level, and make sure you're following that visual helper very closely. This is sure to reduce your odds of missing anything.

Some hardworking YouTube creators have been pulling together exhaustive videos, impressively tracking down these audio logs, so click these next links if you're struggling to find Spartan Audio logs, Banished Audio logs or Forerunner Archives. Happy hunting, collectors.

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