How long is the Halo Infinite campaign? How many hours will it take you to beat the main story? And how many missions is the Halo 6 campaign broken up into?


Those are all very valid questions, and they are sure to be on many players' minds as the full Halo Infinite release date nears. Of course, Halo Infinite multiplayer has already arrived, but the developers at 343 Industries have kept us waiting just a little bit longer for the main single-player campaign.

Plus, you'll need some extra patience as well - that's because we'll have to wait even longer for the Halo Infinite co-op campaign, which isn't believed to be launching until next year. It'll just be solo play when the campaign launches on 8th December.

Putting all of that release timing out of mind for a moment, let's try our best to answer all your questions about the Halo Infinite campaign's length and size. How much have we got to look forward to?

Halo Infinite campaign length: How many hours to beat the main story?

Halo Infinite release date confirmed
The Halo Infinite campaign is nearly here. 343

The full length of the Halo Infinite campaign will take most players at least eight hours to beat.

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We know this because one of the Halo Infinite achievements, titled 'Forza Veloce', can only be unlocked if you complete the Halo Infinite campaign in less than eight hours.

The wording of that achievement leads us to believe that most players will take longer than eight hours to complete the Halo Infinite campaign, at least on their first run through.

Finishing the campaign in under eight hours must be particularly impressive, after all, because why would it be an achievement otherwise?

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How many missions does the Halo Infinite campaign have?

The Halo Infinite campaign contains 14 main missions.

Again, this is something we know because of the Forza Veloce achievement. The exact unlock criteria for that achievement reads: "Complete all 14 main missions in under eight hours."

It is also known that some of your Halo Infinite play-through time will be taken up with exploration of open-world areas. The whole thing won't be linear corridor-based shooting, but don't worry, there will still be plenty of that baked into the main missions.

How big is the Halo Infinite campaign file size?

The Halo Infinite campaign file size is believed to be 28GB.

When you add that to the Halo Infinite multiplayer (which is 18GB), you get a total Halo Infinite file size of 46GB at launch. Of course, it could swell with future updates.

Can you preload the Halo Infinite campaign?

According to some reports online, some players have already been able to pre-load the Halo Infinite campaign through the Xbox Game Pass app.

However, having just checked the Xbox Game Pass app on an iPhone, we haven't been able to confirm that. We'll be sure to update this page if we do see preloads go live, though.

Halo Infinite campaign trailer

That's everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite campaign ahead of its 8th December release date! Until that day rolls around, here's a Halo Infinite campaign trailer which might help to tide you over.

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