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Where to plant wiretaps in Fortnite (Week 8 challenge)

Take on the IO guards in this week's challenges.

fortnite wiretaps

This week’s fresh batch of Fortnite weekly challenges has arrived!


With season seven halfway through, the alien theme continues, but there are other things to do – such as planting wiretaps.

Luckily, we know exactly where you need to go in Fortnite to find one. And you will want to do this, as not only will you get some XP for doing so, but you will also annoy those pesky IO guards in the process, which is always worthwhile.

The challenge fits in with many other IO guard related tasks for this week and you will also need to steal an access card from one too.

But back to the wiretaps – here is all you need to do to go about planting them in Fortnite!

Where to plant wiretaps in Fortnite

You could spend hours wandering all over the Fortnite map before finding one if you do not know where to look, but happily we can point you in the right direction. You just need to pick three of these to tick the challenge off your to-do list!

Where to place wiretaps in Dirty Docks

  • In the southwestern corner next to a communication tower
  • To the north by the large antenna
  • In the southeast corner of the map next to the tower

Where to place wiretaps in Weeping Woods

  • In the centre of the Weeping Woods, there is a large antenna and the spot you are looking for is to the right
  • Head right down to the southwestern corner for the next one here!

Where to place wiretaps in Lazy Lakes

  • Make your way to the southeastern pool and there is a spot to the left of it
  • Head slightly north and the next one is right next to a metal bench that you will spot by the side of the road

Where to place wiretaps in Craggy Cliffs

  • In the northwestern corner of the region, you will spot a tower and the place you are looking for is right next to it
  • And now look for another tower, this time in the southeast of the area

Where to place wiretaps in Catty Corner 

  • Start heading towards the underground base in the area and the first spot will be to the right of the entrance
  • For the next, look for the road behind the fence and the spot you need is just to the left of it.

If you’re still struggling to find the place to do your wiretapping, perhaps you need to take a look at a quick video that shows you what to do. The one below should do the trick nicely:

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