In true Final Fantasy fashion, the Final Fantasy XVI soundtrack is – dare we say – chock full of absolute bangers that have been in our heads since the moment we visited Valisthea for the first time.


So we have taken it upon ourselves to bring to you a handy guide on the FF16 soundtrack with what we know on the composer, where to buy it and how to listen to it.

It’s almost unbelievable just how many hours upon hours of great tracks there are in Final Fantasy 16, but it makes sense to have such a big score for such a big game, befitting of the mystery and intrigue surrounding the many competing characters and factions that pairs well with the excellent cast brought in to make it all come to life.

We got a little taste of the soundtrack in the demo so we always knew the whole game was going to pack even more great tunes.

We’ve become very familiar with the soundtrack as we put many hours into the game getting through the story and getting all the trophies, so if like us you would like to take them along with you or merely want to hold onto hope for an Xbox or PC release, then read on to find out all we know about the FF16 soundtrack.

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Who composed the FF16 soundtrack?

Masayoshi Soken is the composer of Final Fantasy 16's epic soundtrack. Having worked with producer Naoki Yoshida and director Hiroshi Takai on the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, it made sense to bring Soken onto the team as they will no doubt have a working relationship at this stage and properly understand the brief.

Soken has been in the business for a long while and originally got his start with Konami as a sound designer before making the jump to Square before its 2003 merger with Enix.

You may have heard some of his works in titles such as Drakengard 2, Front Mission 5 and Mario Hoops 3-on-3, the latter being the first time Mario and Final Fantasy characters featured together.

How to buy the FF16 soundtrack

Square Enix is selling two versions of the Final Fantasy 16 soundtrack, the first being the Standard Edition seven-disc set for £34.99 that features the standard soundtrack and an artwork booklet with notes from the composer and other creators from the team all wrapped up in a striking black folio case adorned with the Eikons.

The discs come in a variety of colours featuring the crests of the different factions of Valisthea.

The eight-disc Ultimate Edition soundtrack for £59.99 comes packaged in an improbably fancier-looking gold folio case with alternative character art for the Eikons.

The gold continues with prints of the characters on the discs. The eighth disc contains bonus tracks such as those from the cutscenes which aren’t included ruing gameplay. The same artwork booklet is present here too.

It’s worth noting that Square Enix states that the theme song by Kenshi Yonezu and Moongazing by Tsuki Wo Miteita aren’t included.

These are also Japanese imports so some of the materials included might be in Japanese.

They are both currently available only for pre-order but there is a tentative date for release in July. If you do pre-order, you can bag yourself a mini clear file that is 148mm x 210mm and an original sticky note featuring a picture of our favourite pup, Torgal - though the image they will use hasn’t been finalised.

How to listen to the FF16 soundtrack

So far you can only listen to Find the Flame on Spotify, which we have included just below.

Alternatively, there are more songs listed on YouTube, but it would appear that the channel is not affiliated with Square Enix and could be subject to a DMCA takedown - so enjoy it while you can.

Really, the only way to enjoy the soundtrack in full at the moment is to play the game. It would be nice to have the music for when we need to make our trips to the supermarket that little bit more exciting, so we will just have to hum and whistle Soken’s melodies for now.

We’ll be sure to update you as more information regarding the FF16 OST becomes available.

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