Another big week of gaming news is upon us! The developers from Bungie are kicking things off at Gamescom 2021 with a special live stream about Destiny 2.


Dubbed the Destiny 2 Showcase, this online video is slated to reveal the "next chapter" of the hugely popular online sci-fi shooter. Destiny 2 has been on the scene since 2017, and it doesn't show any signs of letting up!

We already know that the next major DLC story beat in Destiny 2 will be called The Witch Queen - it is believed to focus on a long-teased character called Savathun, and it's expected to arrive early next year. But during today's event, we should learn a lot more about it.

So, if you're the type of Destiny 2 fan that likes to stay fully up-to-date with all the latest news on the game, you'll want to tune in to watch this reveal live as it happens at Gamescom. Keep on reading to learn how.

When is the Destiny 2 event at Gamescom 2021?

The Destiny 2 Showcase event is taking place on Tuesday 24th August 2021. It's been a little while since Destiny fans were treated to such a big reveal, so it's only natural that hype seems to be seriously big at the moment. Thankfully, there's not much longer to wait!

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What time is the Destiny 2 event at Gamescom 2021?

From a UK perspective, the Destiny 2 Showcase has a start time of 5pm BST this afternoon. One hour prior to that, a pre-show stream for the Destiny 2 Showcase will start at 4pm BST here in the UK. If you want to skip the preamble, you can, but it should be fun for fans if you can spare the time.

How to watch the Destiny 2 event at Gamescom 2021

You can watch the Destiny 2 Showcase event right here! There's no physical event for Gamescom this year, so it's all taking place online, and so you should be able to find the stream on Bungie's official YouTube and Twitch channels. We've saved you the effort, though! Here's the video you'll want to click into to watch the show:

If you're looking for a handy summary of what happened during the event, check out our Gamescom 2021 recap - we're going to update it all through the week with all the biggest news, so you might even want to bookmark it!

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What will feature in the Destiny 2 event at Gamescom 2021?

Teasing the content of the event, Bungie has posted this cryptic description on the company's official website: "Seven years of Destiny have led us here – to the precipice of an adventure unlike any we’ve encountered before. Join us and begin to understand what lies ahead. Will you survive the truth?"

We can be fairly certain that the next Destiny 2 DLC chapter, The Witch Queen, will be front and centre at this event! Yesterday, Bungie posted the teaser below to get us pre-emptively hyped:

"Truth is a funny thing", the teaser ominously intones, over images of a character (presumably Savathun, the Witch Queen) walking through an ocean littered with skeletons. That's all we've got to go on for now, but we should learn an awful lot more tonight. Set a reminder now and don't forget to tune in for the Destiny 2 Showcase at Gamescom 2021.

After the Destiny 2 stream is finished, Microsoft will take to the virtual Gamescom stage to host an Xbox live stream - you might want to tune into that one, too!

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