Looking for the best armour in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? We've got you covered.


Of course, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is not far away. It's the sequel to one of the Switch's biggest and most popular games, and many of us are counting down the days to its launch.

In the meantime, we suggest returning to Breath of the Wild – or, if you haven't played it, we suggest this game to you tenfold. It won't only prepare you for the story of Tears of the Kingdom but it will train your gaming muscles in all the right places.

Now if you want to successfully traverse Hyrule, you'll need to be decked out in the best armour. Keep reading to find out our favourite armour sets – and how to nab them!

Best armour sets in Zelda Breath of the Wild

There is a lot to choose from in Breath of the Wild, so we'll pick our five favourite sets of armour. To keep things interesting, we'll choose an eclectic bunch. There will be something for you, regardless of your aesthetic taste or gaming style.

Dark Link is a popular boss in the franchise, and although you don't fight him in Breath of the Wild, he technically makes an appearance via this cool armour. This is mainly an aesthetic find, but if you're a Zelda fan it's definitely worth it.

We should add that you won't be able to get this cool little Easter Egg until you're fairly far into the game. You'll need to have found and conquered all four of the Divine Beasts. Fittingly, you can only grab this at nighttime. At Fang at Bone, between 9pm and 5am, the complete set should be available if you've done the aforementioned quests. It'll set you back a bit, but what's money when you can play as Dark Link?

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Rubber Armour

Not the edgiest looking armour, but this one is about practical as you can get. The antithesis of Dark Link, come to think of it. You'll need to upgrade the complete set twice to get the most out of it, but you'll be glad you did. Once you do, you'll be completely immune to shock.

The three parts are found after completing three lightning-themed side quests. You obtain the helmet by completing the Lakeside Stable side quest from Cima (that's the horse-like structure). You'll get the rubber tights after finishing the Song of Storms shrine, and for the top half you'll need to complete the challenging Trial of Thunder shrine.

Flamebreaker Armour

Another elemental one, the Flamebreaker Armour is perhaps the most practical set in the entire game. If you want to scale Death Mountain, then this one is absolutely essential. Just as the Rubber does with shock, the Flamebreaker set (once upgraded twice) makes you completely immune to fire.

You can buy the complete set from Ripped and Shredded armor shop in Goron City. It's painfully expensive, but worth every penny (and every item you'll need to upgrade it).

Barbarian Armour

If you're a Breath of the Wild veteran, chances are you're more than familiar with this set of armour. Ideal for combat, the Barbarian set increases the damage of any weapon and decreases the stamina required for attacks. To find it, you'll need to complete three Shrines: Tu Ka’loh, Dila Maag, and Qaza Tokki. Don't forget to fully upgrade to get the most out of it!

Climbing Armour

In Breath of the Wild (and, we imagine, in Tears of the Kingdom), climbing is a huge part of the gameplay. So we'll finish with a set of armour that complements the scaling of Hyrule's terrain.

This set, comprising of Climber's Bandana, the Climbing Gear, and the Climbing Boots. All together, and fully upgraded at a fairy fountain, they will increase your speed and reduce the infuriating stamina drain. You'll need to explore three different shrines for the whole set. The bandana is located in Ree Dahee, torso in the Chaas Qeta, and the boots are in Tahno O'ah.

Good luck finding the right armour for you! You'll soon know by instinct what your favourite is, which will bide well for your first run of Tears of the Kingdom in under two months.

Ancient Armour

We'll finish with the armour best suited to fight guardians. As Tears of the Kingdom is in the same universe, we expect these enemies to return. Tough as hell, the guardians are ancient robots created by the Sheikah, now under the control of Calamity Ganon.

The armour you'll want in your battle against these machines is the Ancient Armour. With a maximum defense stat of 28 per piece, it will keep you as safe as possible from those strong attacks. Let's not forget the 'Guardian Resist' ability, too, which is equipped to each part of the set. As you can guess from the name, it significantly weakens the guardians' attacks!

You can get the whole set from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, which is in the northern part of the Eastern Akkala region. Each part of the set costs 2,000 rupees, as well as 20 Ancient Gears, 5 Ancient Shafts, and 3 Ancient Cores. Get grinding and searching for these items, because it'll be so worth it in the dungeons towards the end.

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