“Shut your mouth” – Ant stops Amanda Holden from spoiling Game of Thrones ending on live TV

The presenter saved his co-star's blushes - but when IS it ok to talk about the end of a TV show?

Britain's Got Talent 2018

Ant McPartlin had to intervene in the judges remarks on Monday’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-final, telling Amanda Holden to “shut her mouth” before she gave away the ending to Game of Thrones.


The epic fantasy series had come to an end just a week previously – and Ant clearly felt that the millions of viewers watching at home had the right to avoid spoilers for a little while longer.

The moment came after roller-skating couple Rosie and Adam had performed a brilliant and risky routine, which featured him swinging her around by the ankles with her head just inches above the floor. And thanks to her hardened attitude and warrior-like outfit, Holden likened Rosie to Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke’s character from the show.

“You were like Daenerys Targaryen on wheels!” she said, in the post-performance appraisal.

“It was like Game of Thrones on skates, I loved it, except your ending was much better than the ending of Game of Thrones.”

Seeing the potential for spoilers, Ant interjected, telling the judge: “shut your mouth!”


But did he have a point or not? When is it ok to start talking about the end of a show? Surely those who care enough will have watched it within seven days of it ending? We are talking about the biggest show of the last ten years, here…