Meet the cast of Little Women

Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter Maya Hawke makes her acting debut as Jo March alongside Angela Lansbury, Emily Watson and Michael Gambon

Dylan Baker – Mr March

Little Women – Dylan Baker as Mr March

Who does he play? Mr March is lovingly called “father” by his girls. Formerly wealthy, he lost his fortune and doomed his family to genteel poverty – not that they resent his too much. He serves as a chaplain in the Union Army during the American Civil War.


Where have I seen him before? Broadway star Dylan Baker also has an impressive CV, with credits including Blindspot, The Americans and The Good Wife.

Julian Morris – John Brooke

Little Women – Julian Morris as John Brooke

Who does he play? John Brooke is employed as a tutor to Laurie. He begins to spend time with the March sisters and (slight spoiler alert!) falls in love with Meg, ultimately marrying her despite Aunt March’s objections.

Where have I seen him before? Julian Morris has been all over TV recently. You may recognise him as Wren Kingston in Pretty Little Liars, or Adam Berryman in the mini-series Man in an Orange Shirt. He played Ryan in New Girl, and Prince Philip in Once Upon a Time.

Mark Stanley – Professor Bhaer

Little Women – Mark Stanley as Professor Bhaer

Who does he play? (Slight spoiler alert!) Professor Bhaer comes into the story a little later, as a penniless German immigrant in New York who had been a famous professor in Berlin. He and Jo become friends while she’s pursuing a literary career and he ultimately persuades her to marry him.

Where have I seen him before? A beardless Mark Stanley stars in Love, Lies and Records as James. He’s also been in Broken, Dickensian and – of course – Game of Thrones, as Grenn, Jon Snow’s buddy in the Night’s Watch.


This article was originally published in December 2017