Who is in the cast of MTV’s new reality show The Royal World?

MTV’s high society social experience launches with a very well-connected cast. Tally ho!

Tyler, The Royal World (MTV)

The nation has been gripped with royal family fever this year – we saw Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle in a hotly anticipated ceremony in Windsor Castle, and Eugenie marry Jack Brooksbank is a – slightly less anticipated – ceremony in the same venue.


The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to possibly the most patriotic baby ever (with little Arthur being welcomed into the world on St George’s Day); Meghan announced her pregnancy; and more importantly, we saw the first few shots of Olivia Colman as The Queen in Netflix’s The Crown.

So now seems to be the perfect time to capitalise on the nation’s fascination for all things high society.

Fronted by comedian Archie Manners, MTV have brought together the ‘crème-de-la-crème ‘of Europe for The Royal World, in what’s set to be a wild summer of parties, Pimms and pointed conversations about who’s slightly better connected.

But who’s in the cast? Here’s everything you need to know…

Tyler Dooley

Tyler, The Royal World (MTV)

Age: 26
Lives: Oregon, America
Royal connection: Meghan Markle’s nephew

Arguably the star of the show, brash American Tyler Dooley is thrown in amongst Europe’s more refined upper crust – and promises to spill the beans on the feud that has erupted among the Markle family.

For those who chose to live under a rock this year, the Markle family were placed under intense scrutiny when it was announced former Suits actor Meghan was marrying into British royalty.

It then emerged that Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle Senior, had done a deal with a tabloid newspaper to get pap shots of him preparing for a wedding. Thomas eventually missed his daughter’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Meghan’s nephew Tyler (above) and his mother were rocketed into the spotlight when it emerged they owned a legal cannabis farm in the States, releasing a strain titled Markle’s Sparkle in honour of her wedding to Prince Harry.

Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle

Speaking about the reported family feud that erupted this summer, Tyler, who was babysat by the Duchess of Sussex as a child, told an Australian news website, “The person not fighting back is Meghan: she has no time for that, and she’s so much better than that. It’s embarrassing what that part of the family’s doing. There’s a reason I go by Dooley instead of my legal last name of Markle: they’re toxic. What they’re doing is just embarrassing.”

However, host Archie Manners has teased that not everything Tyler has had to say has been wholly positive.

Jessica Heydel

Jessica The Royal World (MTV)

Age: 26
Lives: Kensington, London
Royal connection: Triple Baroness

Half-English, half-Russian, Goldsmiths graduate Jessica was raised in Moscow and is a triple-Baroness, the titles spanning across three European countries.

With her family having Polish and German routes, she considers herself an ‘international citizen’ – and has previously tried to keep her Baroness title under wraps.

Speaking to student publication The Tab in 2015, she explained, “Usually when I email I don’t use my title, but I’ve started putting it on my CV.

“Obviously I need to look where it looks relevant or can play a negative role.

“I’ve never felt I had to act this way because of my title and I was never brought up to portray a certain image.

“I guess it’s just in my blood and I subconsciously just behave the way I do.”

Lady Camilla Juliet De La Poer Beresford

Camilla, The Royal World (MTV)

Age: 23
Lives: Curraghmore Estate, Ireland
Royal connection: Her father is an Anglo-Irish peer

Coming from gilded heritage, Lady Camilla Beresford has had one of the best starts: living at the sprawling 2,500 acre Curraghmore Estate, the largest private domain in Ireland. The estate is home to the grand All Together Now festival, which takes place over the Bank Holiday weekend in August.

She studied Fashion Design at Bath Spa University, graduating earlier this year, with Camilla now running her very own fashion brand.

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Speaking about why she signed up to the show, Camilla explained, “I was attracted by all the amazing things we could do.”

Judging by her Instagram page, Camilla loves lavish parties and lots of holidays so we’re expecting her to be one of the wilder castmates…

Zara Zoffany Farida Sassoon-Munns

Zara, The Royal World (MTV)

Age: 24
Lives: London
Royal connections: very, very well-bred, with numerous Barons and Earls among her family tree

Zara, or Zaza to her friends, is a self-proclaimed party girl who has lived in some of the most desirable places in the world, including Monaco, Windsor…and Scarborough.

Saying she “doesn’t like to splash the cash, but make it rain,” Zara launched her own sports clothing line Move Like Zaza.

“I’m not a princess, but my daddy thinks I’m one,” she said.

Marquess Maria Gabriella Diana
Lives: New York
Royal connections: Daughter of an Italian nobleman

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Claiming to “go hard or go home”, the lack of information on Maria suggests she chose the latter.

Nonetheless, a quick stalk of her Instagram tells us she’s a successful working model currently living in New York, signed to three major modelling agencies and even appearing in Vogue.

Count Michael ‘Misha’ Zadie Campbell

Misha, The Royal World (MTV)

Age: 25
Lives: Originally from Russia, now lives in Worthing
Royal connection: Son of Lady Colin Campbell

He may be from a well-bred background, but Michael won’t be bragging about his status on The Royal World.

“Being royal means nothing to me, to be honest,” he said.

Adopted from Russia, Michael was educated in France, before getting a music degree and working in events management.

How he fares in The Royal World is yet to be seen, but his mum Lady Colin Campbell could give him a few tips after causing a stir on the 2015 edition of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!.

Count Dimitri ‘Dima’ Ziadie Campbell

Dima, The Royal World (MTV)

Age: 25
Lives: Originally from Russia, now lives in Worthing
Royal connection: Son of Lady Colin Campbell

Misha’s adopted brother, Dima has previously made a name for himself defending mother Lady Colin Campbell after her stint on I’m a Celeb, branding her campmate Duncan Bannatyne an “asshole.”

Fiercely protecting her, he said, “My mother has brought me and my brother up and loves us to bits. Everything I have in my life and everything I am, I owe to her.”

Like his brother, Dima now works in events, helping Lady Colin out around their stately home.

Adeniyi Obafemi Olopade

Niyi, The Royal World (MTV)

Age: 23
Lives: Nigeria/Hampstead
Royal connection: Son of well-established Nigerian chief

Adeniyi, or just Niyi to his friends, is the son of a Nigerian chief who holds the country’s highest accolade.

His status has seen him attend some of the world’s most sought-after parties, seeing him get into an exclusive event hosted by none other than Rihanna in New York.

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“I was sat opposite Rihanna with friends and she sang for us,” he said. “It was great. Leonardo Di Caprio was sat just by us at a table by himself, surrounded by beautiful girls. Classic.”

But despite his background, Niyi hates being perceived as “stuck up”, claiming he’s otherwise fairly normal.

Daniel MacLaurin

Daniel, The Royal World (MTV)

Age: 21
Lives: Scotland
Royal connection: Part of Scotland’s prestigious MacLaurin clan

Daniel was drawn to The Royal World during the summer break while at University at St Andrews and looking for something to do.

“I was never going to meet someone like Tyler if it wasn’t for this,” he explained. “A cannabis grower from Oregon.”

Like many of his castmates, Daniel is no stranger to wild nights out – once ending up in Uruguay after a particularly raucous party.

“I got pulled over, I got robbed, and I left the same day,” he said.

Sienna Rose Myson
Age: 26
Lives: London/Surrey
Royal connection: Used to ride with Zara Phillips, godmother is Russian Princess Vanessa Lobanov-Rostovsky

Sienna is more than just your typical rich girl, having won two gold medals for her horse riding skills in eventing.

Despite falling off her horse and breaking her back aged just 14, her skills were so impressive when she was younger, she was nominated for the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year.

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Unlike the other girls in the reality show, Sienna is without a title, which causes some friction in the house.

While Sienna is from a wealthy family, she isn’t against shopping at some ‘low-brow stores’.

“I like to splash the cash but I’m not against buying things I like from places like Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Primark,” she explained.


The Royal Worldpremieres Wednesday 7th November at 10pm on MTV 

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