Danny Dyer lands “nutty” new BBC royal history series

The EastEnders actor will live the life of a king in two-part BBC series Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family

Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has landed his own BBC history series which will take him back in time to experience the lives of his royal ancestors.


After finding out he was related to a couple of Kings of England (William the Conqueror and Edward III) as well as Thomas Cromwell in a 2016 episode of genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are, Dyer will now swap the Queen Vic for a royal palace as he sets out to understand how his ancestors really lived.

The actor will take a journey across 800 years of history for two-part series Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family, in which he’ll eat, dress and live like his ancestors.

According to the BBC, this will see him eating sheep’s tongue like his Viking forebear Rollo, learning to hunt like his 30x great-grandfather William the Conquerer, and donning 14th century armour to fight like his 19x great-grandfather, the knight Henry Hotspur Percy.

“I’m still in shock at the fact that I’m related to such important people,” he said. “I’ve had a ball getting to know them. It was a nutty experience.”

Danny Dyer

Dyer, whose daughter Dani won Love Island this summer, will also be getting his entire (modern-day) family involved, inviting them to join him at a sugar banquet in full period attire.

A BBC spokeswoman said: “His journey is a retelling of 800 years of British history – which is all there in his extraordinary bloodline.”


An air date for Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family has not yet been announced

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