18 actors who have travelled between the universes of Harry Potter and Doctor Who

From the halls of Hogwarts to the Tardis, you wouldn't believe how many marvellous muggles have appeared in both...

Helen McCrory

Malfoy’s mum Narcissa ruined the Doctor’s romantic plans for Amy and Rory in 2010’s The Vampires of Venice. She underwent a dramatic transformation to play Saturnynian queen Rosanna Calvierri, leader of a race of aquatic aliens with vampire-like tendencies.


Toby Jones

Speaking of the Malfoys, their former House Elf Dobby – who helped Harry out on many an occasion – was voiced by Toby Jones. That same Toby popped up in Amy’s Choice as The Dream Lord, a representation of the Doctor’s inner darkness who caused quite a bit of trouble.


Sir Michael Gambon

Even dear old Albus Dumbledore has had dealings with The Doctor. Dumbledore 2.0 Sir Michael Gambon took on the Scrooge-like roles of Kazran and Elliot Sardick in 2010 Christmas Special A Christmas Carol.