How to watch and stream The West Wing – Who’s in the cast and what’s it about?

Find out where to watch and stream The West Wing, if The West Wing is on Netflix as well as your guide to the cast and what the US drama is about

The cast of the first season of the west wing

US politics makes for tense, gripping TV. Oscar winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin knew this when he created the political drama The West Wing which went on to win multiple awards across its seven series.


Famous for changing the format of the TV drama by luring a-list talent and writers, The West Wing gave birth to a whole new era of shows and included storylines that mirrored real world political events and global issues.

Where can I watch The West Wing?

The West Wing isn’t currently available on Netflix in the UK.

But don’t worry – you can buy the full DVD box set, or buy episodes on iTunes.

What is The West Wing about?

The show revolves around the exploits of the White House staff led by communications director Rob Lowe and the press secretary played by Oscar winner Allison Janney as they navigate the tumultuous landscape of US politics.

The West Wing’s dialogue, characters and energy has influenced some of modern TV’s best shows from Netflix’s House of Cards to the HBO hit Game of Thrones.

In politically charged times such as these, what better time to settle into the walk-and-talk, whip smart dialogue of The West Wing.

Where was The West Wing filmed?

The series was set in the White House’s West Wing (duh) but the real locations used for these scenes were mostly sound stages in Burbank, California.

Shots of Washington D.C. were sometimes filmed on location, but at other times, similar areas in Canada and Los Angeles were used.

Who was in the cast of The West Wing?

President Josiah Bartlet is played by Martin Sheen, other previous work includes a main role in Apocalypse Now and as Kit Carruthers in Badlands. His Chief of Staff Leo McGarry is played by John Spencer, who won a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the show in 2002, whilst the First Lady Abbey Bartlet is played by Stockard Channing, who previously starred as Rizzo in Grease.

Josh Lyman, the Deputy Chief of Staff to McGarry, is played by Bradly Whitford, who also starred as Danny Tripp in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and as Red John in CBS’s The Mentalist. Janel Moloney stars as Lyman’s Senior Assistant Donna Moss. Moloney recently starred Mary Jamison  in the HBO drama The Leftovers.

Toby Ziegler, the White House’s Communications Director, is played by Richard Schiff who currently stars as Dr Glassman, the president of the teaching hospital in The Good Doctor. His deputy Sam Seaborn is played by Rob Lowe, who has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards and starred in The Outsiders, St Elmo’s Fire and Square Dance.

The West Wing cast, Getty
The West Wing cast, Getty

Other cast members include Allison Janeny as press secretary C.J. Cregg, Dulé Hill as the President’s aide Charlie Young, Moira Kelly as Mandy Hampton, Lyman’s ex, Joshua Malina as speeechwriter Will Bailey, Mary McCormack as Security Advisor Kate Harper, Jimmy Smits as Matt Santos, Lyman’s rival in the Presidential run, Alan Alda as Californian Senator Arnold Ninick, and Kristin Chenoweth as Annabeth School, who works in the press.

How many Emmys did The West Wing win?

The West Wing has won, in total, 26 Primetime Emmy Awards – including a four-year consecutive win of the award for Outstanding Drama Series.

The series also won three Golden Globes and two Peabody Awards. Pretty amazing, right?


How many seasons of The West Wing are there?

The series has seven seasons, making a whopping 156 episodes in total.